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  1. Can you provide more info about this pleas? Very curious if this is what caused our dilemma.
  2. How can it be going this fast on its own if they truly suffered the mechanical issues they alleged to have suffered from?
  3. They just called another round of numbers on the PA system for the next flight out.
  4. Wow, that’s what we heard and feared. Thanks for the info!
  5. Is this list of flights including those that already left today?
  6. Thats what we heard. There is still over 1,500 passengers on it at this time and no flights going out for several hours. The plane for the 12:45 is down for repairs and the flight has been canceled.
  7. Update: Just informed by staff that the passengers who left for the last flight (12:45) is now being sent back to the ship. Their plane broke down and now all flights are being pushed back. Also they are trying to have all guest off the ship today and motor coached to hotels in San Juan for the evening. They are trying to have everyone off the boat so they can send the boat off for repairs. No one knows how many days we may be stuck at the hotels trying to get flights out. Everyone needs to be very vocal in this not happening for there will be major issues trying to get flights and food at the hotels once this happens since they won’t have the pressure they do now to get this resolved quickly, since the ship would be heading back for repairs and not costing the cruise line time and money!!!
  8. Yesterday we found out some very unfortunate news. A couple on the ship was to get married at St.Thomas. They lost all of their deposits for the venue and vendors they were using for their wedding and now are not sure when they will be able to get married. Their marriage license is no longer good and all of their family traveled with them on the cruise for their big day. We also found out that two couples on this cruise were on their honey moon and don’t know when they will be able to do another one since they used all of their PTO for their wedding and this trip. So just remember, this trip was vacation for most of us but was something much more for others.
  9. Still haven’t received any notice of what flight we are assigned to. Are they still notifying cruisers of their flights via letters on their stateroom door and over the PA system? You would think we would have been notified by now of when our flight will be today. They had all night to notify everyone. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
  10. Oh wow, this Terrible news. Sorry for the late delayed flight!
  11. Awesome, that is good to hear. Thanks so much for all the info you have provided to us today. It was very appreciated and informative! Safe travels back home and Happy Thanksgiving to you!
  12. Was there any NCL staff assisting cruisers at the airport with getting their hotel rooms and their connecting flights, like they kept informing us they would do, or did they just leave everyone stranded at the airport and say not our problem anymore, contact the corporate NCL phone number for any further questions and concerns?
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