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  1. You could take an airport bus shuttle from either JFK or LaGuardia to Grand Central. Then stay at a hotel near Grand Central--the train station itself has great places to eat! Then you could take the airport bus (inexpensive) from Grand Central to Newark Airport, then take a taxi to the Bayonne Cruise terminal. This might be the most inexpensive way to do this. Taxis from La Guardia to Manhattan are around $40, and more from JFK. Airport buses have schedules and are generally around $20 one way (depends which one). Check it out! Newark can sometimes be cheaper to fly into than the NYC a
  2. Can never predict fog! Or the weather! I have worn fleece jackets in July in that area......if raining could be cold! Always a sea breeze as well. I would do the 10 am trip, then when back in harbor find a great place for a lobster lunch and do a little shopping (lobster socks and lobster magnets!). Have fun!
  3. Assuming you are ending in Boston, here is what I would suggest: Boston--Portsmouth, NH--North Conway, NH (White Mountain area--gorgeous)--Littleton NH--St. Johnsbury VT--Burlington VT--Woodstock VT--and back to Boston. Time and distances: *Boston to Portsmouth--1 hour. *Portsmouth to North Conway--1 hour and 20 minutes--north on Rt. 16. *North Conway via Littleton to St. Johnsbury--2 hours--travel through Crawford Notch via Rt. 302. *St. Johnbury to Burlington VT (Lake Champlain)--1-2 hours. *Burlington to Woodstock--1-2 hours. *Woodstock to Boston (depending on route 2-3 h
  4. We have done wonderful whale watching from Portland. But, how much time will you have when in Portland? We have done day-long whale watches, going way out into the Atlantic, and have seen many whales. Some whale watching trips are shorter, like 4 hours, and some may be offered only once a day at a time not convenient for you. Hope you are able to find something good for you!
  5. Taxis are easy and fast, depending on time of day you are using them. Closest hotels to the cruise terminal are the Renaissance Boston Waterfront or the Westin Boston Waterfront, as well as the Yotel. No shuttle service from the hotels, but taxis are easily available. If you have not been to Boston before, you might want to stay in the center, do some sightseeing, then catch a taxi to the cruise terminal.......maybe 20 minutes from the center, depending on time of day and traffic. Have fun!
  6. Agree with all.......go in early October to maximize fall foliage! B2B is a great way to do this itinerary.....you get to do all the ports a second time and go back and spend more time at these beautiful areas! It is a GREAT cruise and have fun!
  7. Rent a car for the day and go and discover some of the beautiful beaches like Narragansett and the Jamestown area, etc.!!!!!! Start checking online for great seafood places and plan your day around that. Gorgeous views and lovely sea experiences!!!!!!!! Or check out boat rides from Newport to explore the coast.
  8. Good luck seeing any moose! Years ago we used to see a lot of moose around here, even walking around in the middle off town in the middle of the day! Now if I want to see a moose, I go on a local "moose safari" designed for tourists in my area......small buses that go around back roads in early evenings between May and October checking out the watering holes where moose tend to hang out, but even then there is no guarantee! The ticks have been doing a number on the moose over the years in New England.....ticks get on the moose and the moose die from the infestation. Terrible way to go. Sc
  9. Seems like similar itineraries.....depends on how many sea days you would like! All are fabulous ports! Depending on if you are flying to Boston for the cruise, that might the easiest for you. From Logan Airport, depending on traffic, it would be about a 20 minute taxi ride to the cruise terminal (depending on traffic and time of day!). Portland is a smaller airport, very nice, but might be a pricier air ticket for you. From Portland airport, the cruise terminal would be about 20 minutes (less traffic than Boston!). Both Boston and Portland are great places to explore before the cruise a
  10. The Marriott is at Circular Quay, within sight of the old Holiday Inn. Very nice, clean, and right there near the train, water taxis, boats, the Opera House and the restaurants in that area. The old Holiday Inn was probably a city block away from the Marriott and the Shangri-La is maybe two city blocks away from the Marriott. Good choices!
  11. We stayed at the Marriott at the Circular Quay and like a previous post said, it was clean and lovely and close to all the boats and water transport and the opera house, plus many restaurants in the opera house area. There are so many hotels and Sydney is safe, so enjoy!
  12. Thanks for your reply! I will be staying out by the airport and was trying to figure a way to visit some places in the city. There is a bus that goes from the airport to one of the main subway stops, and I was trying to figure out how to get from that subway stop to a few places I wanted to visit. I will be a solo traveler and am aware of being cautious wherever I travel, no matter what city! Tours by Locals are too expensive for one person, and I have visited Santiago before, so I was hoping to get around and see a few other places like handicraft markets, etc. I will take your good advi
  13. Another thought.....if you decide to stay in Casablanca, check out Rick's Cafe!!!!!!! Yes, there really is a Rick's Cafe! Check out its website! It was opened by an American women who lived in Casablanca and had worked for the US Embassy, and once she was finished with her job decided to stay on in Casablanca and opened this restaurant. We met her the evening we dined there. Unfortunately, she recently passed, but the cafe lives on! You do need reservations.....But I tell you, when you walk in there, you might think you are in the middle of the movie! It is decorated exactly like the mo
  14. I agree with the other suggestions, that it will take a good 3 hours between Casa and Marrakech. Casa is very congested and will take time getting out of the city, but the road between the two cities is excellent--two lanes in each direction, with big service areas every 20 miles or so (gasoline, cafe, restaurant, play area, gift shop, etc.--very clean and very modern). The traffic in Marrakech didn't seem to be as congested, but still crowded. We were with a private guide and driver in Morocco, so I cannot give you suggestions on tour companies. I would not plan your trip narrowly to the
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