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  1. Has anyone done this excursion in Rome?. Going to the Colosseum and then st Peter's square, will there be time to look around inside St Peter's Bassciica? Really would like to go inside, as we can't go in the Sistine chapel as its closed on Sundays. How much walking involved? Sister in law has limited walking.Going May on Britannia. Thanks
  2. We done Bergen on our own , we went up the t ram(can't remember name) go straight there when you get off the ship as queue s build up. Fantastic views and walks up the top. Had a little walk around when we came down. There also a ice hotel walkable from the ship. We didn't wonder too far as were leaving mid pm. Lovely place and very doable on your own I'm someone who always does ship excursions, but no need to here.We had someone in a wheelchair very accessible port.
  3. I have been looking at you tube of p o med cruises, and they have a Tropical night, do they all do this ? When do you get to know it's there is and what do you wear? Men and woman. Thanks
  4. Thanks have been and booked this morning didn't go for connecting cabins just 2 balconies together and as you say will get balcony door opened that's a cruise for 2021 to look forward to.
  5. Looking to book 2 balcony cabins for daughter and 2 kids and me and hubby, a couple of cabins we are looking at have connecting doors do these change layout space in cabins ( having extra door) we don't want this just these are one in location were looking at. Any reviews thanks
  6. We tried those when we went to Florida but the kids didn't like them. Maybe try them again it was 3 years ago
  7. Thanks for all your replies, I think we may take squash us with they mainly have squash or fruit juice with rare fizzy drink
  8. I have tried a couple other sites online got same price .we only have 1 TA in town and they are same price tried last year. My brother booked it all in his home town with different TA who gave us 5% discount, we want 4 cabins for 2021.
  9. We done the cable car last year p o cruise excursion which also takes you to see a huge waterfall done the cable car first was misty couldn't see a thing until we got into the car to come down when suddenly it started clearing so sas some amazing views coming down. The cable car did make my ears hurt a bit like on a plane only for short while. We done the glacier before lovely views going up there were going Olden again next year with family who haven't been before will probably pick one of these 2. Whichever you choose beautiful scenery.
  10. Were cruising next May with the grandchildren, daughter was asking about getting the kids a drink package, Can they just buy 2 drink kids packages,? And not one for themselves. What drinks do you get? Thanks
  11. Thanks for your reply was looking at deck 11in the middle area of this section
  12. Hi were looking at booking a couple of balcony cabins on Iona for Norweigan Fjords cruise. I see on the deck plans the cabins aft/mid are set back compared with AFt and Mid ship cabins, anyone know if this would stop any sun on balcony, or any view looking towards aback and front of ship I know no one has sailed on her get but anyone familiar with this. Thanks
  13. So we need to have excursions booked for Geiranger with P o then we get off at Hellsesyt is this correct?I I don't mind booking with po, especially as we get off first (I'm assuming). We done the skylight (just us no kids) last year very good. Don't know why they go to Hauasung as you say nothing to do went there couple years ago said I wouldn't go back but not much choice.
  14. We're not doing Bergen, Doing Stavanger, Olden, Geiranger haven't been here before, and Haugesund wasn't too impressed here last time. Not with kids. There active children would have no problem walking the last bit at Britskal glacier it's only a short walk we done it 2 years ago..
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