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  1. I wish I’d thought to take a photo of the walk-in closet in my cabin on my Mariner cruise last year (Concierge Suite is identical to the Deluxe Verandah Suite in terms of layout). I know there are 5 or 6 drawers and several open shelves in the closet, plus at least 1 drawer in each nightstand (maybe 2?), and 2 drawers plus a cabinet with doors in the sitting area. I always tuck my suitcases under the bed, but there’s a space in the closet that is the perfect size/shape for two large suitcases. With all that, I’m packing two sets of collapsible 11”x11”x11” fabric bins (4 total) and two over-the-door shoe organizers (see photo) -- one for the inside of the closet and one for the bathroom. I have a couple of other hanging organizers (one for jewelry, one for paperwork -- excursion info, reminders, etc.) that pack small but will help keep things organized. I’ll have 5 sea days after boarding to figure out how things are working, and if I need anything else, I can always order online from Amazon or Walmart for pick up in Hawaii at one of the ports.
  2. I also use Wordpress. I tried Blogger, but found Wordpress easier to navigate. I also post quite a lot on Facebook, but I’m going to make an effort to keep up the blog on this trip.
  3. I’ll be in a Concierge Suite -- the exact same cabin I occupied for my first Regent cruise in 2018 (972). The Mariner had gone through a fairly extensive refurb earlier that year. I have some photos of the cabin that I took then, but none of the walk-in closet. I know that part of my reasoning for booking that particular cabin was the amount of storage available. I'll definitely post photos when I board and as I set up my ”system.”
  4. Here’s mine: https://lanastravels.blog/ I’m doing the Regent Seven Seas ”Navigate the World” 131-day world cruise embarking in San Francisco on January 24. I’ve tried a couple of times in the past to blog my trips, but found that trying to do it via iPad was just too cumbersome. For this trip, I’ll be taking my laptop. Having a full-sized keyboard will definitely help. Lana in Bellingham, WA
  5. Since there’s no way for Luggage Forward to get the tags and documents to you while you’re on your cruise, you need to arrange it before you leave. I had a sort of similar situation on my last cruise -- a 35-day cruise to South America. I could manage my luggage to the embarkation port (no flight involved), but I wanted help to get it back home. I booked Luggage Forward about 6 weeks before embarkation requesting the pick up at the disembarkation port. Someone from Luggage Forward called to get the info about when I was leaving for the cruise so they could get the tags and docs mailed to me before I left home. Very easy process and very efficient. Lana in Bellingham, WA
  6. I’ve used Luggage Forward for 5 cruises and had good luck with them. Luggage Forward is also handling the home-->port-->home luggage transport for the 2020 World Cruise. Lana in Bellingham, WA
  7. I disembark in San Francisco, so definitely let’s try to meet! I’m looking at the 2022 world cruise -- can’t decide just yet. Lana
  8. I could definitely help you with the first problem (carrying a tune), but not the second, unfortunately. If this actually happens, I’ll make sure we get a video or two of the group. Lana
  9. That’s like what I’m hoping for. I’ve organized and directed choruses for a number of events (usually conventions or conferences), and founded & directed a ”seniors choir” in Seattle, including writing and arranging music for them. It’s something I really enjoy doing -- all I'd need is space to rehearse with a piano. I’ll contact my Regent cruise consultant guy and see what he can find out. Thanks! Lana
  10. This is probably a dumb question (and I did search the forum with no results)... Has anyone ever organized an ad hoc onboard chorus or known of or participated in one on any Regent ship/cruise? I know it has been done on Cunard when the National Symphony Orchestra is in residence, but I’ve never heard of one on any other cruise line. Someone put together a ukulele group on my Holland America South Pacific cruise this past spring but no vocal/singing groups. I ask because the world cruise is coming up in January, and with lots of sea days, it would be a perfect opportunity to put something together, but I’d need to do some planning with Regent to get rehearsal space/times. It may not be doable at all, but I thought I’d ask. Thanks... Lana in Bellingham, WA
  11. I’ve taken only one Regent cruise so far, but I liked it enough to book the 2020 world cruise while onboard. I’ve taken 4 cruises on Holland America and 1 on Oceania. In my view, there is no comparison. Regent is simply the best fit for me. No lines, brilliant staff and crew, superb food and beverages (really quality wines and spirits), an elegant relaxed vibe without feeling stuffy -- just special. I’m single and travel solo, so the ”single supplement” is always a concern. Regent is well below the 100% supplement other cruise lines charge. That difference makes it very competitive with more mainstream cruise lines for solo travelers especially on longer cruises when you consider the all-inclusive fare structure. Ship size -- my first and so far only Regent cruise was on the Mariner, and at ~700 passengers, it was just about perfect. I have some mobility issues mostly dealing with breathing and having to walk long distances just to get to meals or entertainment can be difficult. I had no problems on the Mariner. I just got off a HAL cruise (35 days to Ecuador/Peru), and the constant ”selling” from ALL crew/staff got really old really fast. Offers to upgrade the wine package, offers for spa discounts, shopping specials on jewelry and other items, pushing their photography services, specialty dining specials -- every day, multiple times, dozens of printed fliers left in mail slots, etc. I like HAL for their specialized itineraries, but the constant effort to get me to buy more has gotten a lot worse in just the 2 years I’ve cruised with them. I did not experience any of this on Regent -- if it was there, it was so low-key that I didn't notice. It’s very easy to pay the fare and thoroughly enjoy the cruise without having to spend a penny more. In addition to the 2020 world cruise, I now have 3 more Regent cruises on the books for a grand total of 306 days between January 2020 and September 2021, most of it on the Mariner. Everything about Regent just ”clicks” for me. Lana in Bellingham, WA
  12. I’ve used Luggage Forward for 4 cruises so far and I’ve been pleased with the service. I’m currently on the Amsterdam on the way to San Diego at the end of the Incan Empires cruise (we arrive there on Monday morning), and will be handing my bags over to them after going through US Customs at the terminal. On an earlier cruise, I had the bags shipped to the ship in Vancouver, BC and they handled the Canadian Customs process, but they need to pick up the bags earlier when Customs clearance is involved (shipping from the US to outside the US). They're not cheap, but they’re worth it to me so that I don’t have to wrangle luggage through multiple shuttles, airports, hotels, etc. I travel solo and take mostly longer cruises (21+ days), so I usually have at least a couple of bags. (Luggage Direct is a totally different service and handles only ship-to-airport transport in a few ports -- not full door-to-door service, home to ship/hotel to home.)
  13. Currently on the Amsterdam on the Incan Empires cruise (just left Fuerte Amador, Panama a couple of hours ago) , and the Purell dispensers are all over the place with one or two outside every dining venue. They have a “travel well” video that runs on a loop about how to prevent shipboard illness that includes details proper use of the dispensers. It looks like maybe they’re phasing it in.
  14. I’m making the transition from Holland America to Regent. I travel solo and always book a Neptune suite on HAL, but I discovered on my first Regent cruise last fall on the Mariner that the Concierge Suite just ”fits” better, primarily due to the big walk-in closet and general layout of the room. The Concierge suite gives me most of the same amenities as a Neptune plus a few extras, so I don’t feel like it’s a step ”down” in terms of accommodations -- smaller, yes, but comfortable (although the Neptune on the Eurodam was only about 10 sqft larger than a Mariner Concierge). I have one more HAL cruise coming up: boarding the Amsterdam on Monday for the 35-day Incan Empires cruise. After that, I have a total of 306 days booked on Regent between January 2020 and September 2021, most of it on the Mariner (it just worked out that way due to itineraries). And 131 days of that is the 2020 world cruise in the same cabin I occupied for my first RSSC cruise last fall. Smaller ship size, amazing food, all-inclusive fare, exceptional personalized service, a reasonable pricing policy for those of us traveling solo, and extraordinary customer service (had a couple of issues on that first cruise that were handled immediately and resolved completely -- how an organization handles problems makes a HUGE difference to me, and RSSC really outperformed my expectations). They’ve earned my loyalty. Lana in Bellingham, WA
  15. Are you asking about trip cancellation insurance? Or medical insurance? My trip cancellation insurance for the Regent Seven Seas 2020 world cruise was a total of about 5.6% of the cruise cost, spread between two policies (Travelex and TravelGuard). The policies also include sufficient medical coverage (up to $500,000 for medical evacuation, $50,000 medical expenses), and Regent includes free onboard medical for world cruisers, so I think I’m set. I use TripInsuranceStore.com — very helpful in putting together an individualized plan. Lana in Bellingham, WA
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