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  1. There it is! Scottish Captain Macbeath is my favorite since he performed the vowel renewal ceremony for my parents on the Oostie a few years ago while in Alaska. He chatted with us for a long time before the service. Very handsome and that accent.... Unfortunately he is not on either of my upcoming cruises but glad to know he is still with HAL. thank you!
  2. In the past I have come across postings with information on the Captains and CDs assigned to each HAL ship. Searching the boards here and on Google has not revealed any recent lists. Does anyone know where I can find this information? I have some favorites and want to see if I’ll be lucky enough to see some familiar faces on my upcoming sailings. thanks!
  3. The card offered is for 3rd and 4th guests only in the same stateroom, so if you only have 2 people it will not be of use to you. If you had a third person, this would be a card loaded with just $25 in value. It is nothing like the drink package. Once you have used the card to purchase beverages and spent $25 in total, it is no longer valid. The total value for the entire cruise is a maximum of $25.
  4. There is no indication that it is any different than the regular menu. I think that was just an excuse the agent used when asked why those 2 days were unavailable to book.
  5. Oh my, just logged in again and now it is open for reservation when it wasn't last night. Maybe throwing my wish (or complaint) out to the universe made it happen! 😀👍
  6. Several family members and I have taken a Christmas cruise on HAL for the last 10 years. We always have dinner in the Pinnacle on Christmas night and reserve online ahead of time. We booked this year’s cruise in May. Via the website, no speciality restaurants can be booked on Christmas Eve or Christmas night. All other dates of the cruise are available. Since I knew they could not already be fully booked in May, I called HAL customer service and the agent said they are still “formulating their special menus” at all restaurants, implying it was done like this every year. In my years of experience, we have never been offered a special menu on Christmas night in the Pinnacle, only the regular menu. I don't know if they are waiting until closer to open it up so more people who book their cruises later have an opportunity to eat at a restaurant and not in the main dining room on these dates, or if they will indeed serve some special menu. In any event, this long time, frequent cruiser is annoyed, and will be more so if we are not able to continue our tradition of a Pinnacle Christmas dinner when we planned well ahead!
  7. I received the Princess offer in May and it expired on July 1. Today I received a Carnival offer ($75 when charging $350 on the card) that expires Aug 16. Still no HAL offer. I will keep checking. Apparently, they know i have only used the previous Carnival Corp offers for HAL and I am not getting one specific to that brand. Womp, womp. First world problems! 😌
  8. I am booked on the Oct 13 Noordam Vancouver to Honolulu, all sea days. Having enjoyed the spa access package for the heated beds and therapy pool in the past, i wanted to get the full trip pass again with the generous OBC I received at booking. However, since it is 6 straight sea days I am wondering what others have experienced as far as getting to use these amenities since I would imagine it will be a popular pastime and get crowded. Also, when I tried to pre-book spa access on HAL’s website, it is asking me to choose a 15 minute window, like when you book an individal spa service. Another time i was on the site, it asked me to choose morning, afternoon or evening. Has anyone had to choose a time frame for access? Is this how they control crowding and sell more passes? Finally, any other advice for activities on all those sea days or how to spend more OBC than I've ever had (first world problem i know!]. Tips, beverage card and 2 Pinnacle dinners are in addition to OBC received so i do not thave to spend extra money on those. Thnaks everyone!
  9. I have never received the email, despite taking several HAL cruises. I just knew there was a code. Thanks everyone one for the help!
  10. Can someone share the promo code to use to double your future cruise credit on board credit? I juts returned from my last cruise 2 weeks ago and i know i was able to double my $50 to $100 in the past when i booked within 60 days of the last cruise but cannot locste the promo code. I think it was 3 letters starting with a “P” Thanks for the assistance!
  11. I loaded the $100 offer to my platinum card in December and then paid $500 of my upcoming cruise on the card in February. I received an email acknowledging I had used the offer almost immediately. However, 2 weeks later i still have not received the credit to my card. It also still shows on my online account as an active offer. Usually I receive credit within a few days and it will disappear from my active offers once I make the charge. Anyone else having problems with redemption and receipt of the credit?
  12. I have used luggage direct twice because of the purported convenienc and had poor experiences both times. The first time I was “randomly selected” for a customs stop as I was leaving the ship. The HAL reps said wasn’t I lucky I didn’t have to wait in the regular customs line but I have global entry so I never have to wait anyway. It took them an hour to clear me and my bags, mostly spent in a small, stuffy waiting room. The second time was even worse. I was again randomly selected and the review and scan took less time but when I landed at my home city, my bags were not on the plane. I filed a claim with the airline but turns out my bag was never taken from customs area by the luggage transit company to the airport. Three days later HAL called and said they found my luggage and would fedex it to me since it was still at the port. They blamed the transit company. The transit company checked their records and said they had never scanned in my bag and never touched it. That made sense since my bag was still at the port. When my bag arrived 5 days later, shoes, a bathing suit (brand new for the cruise that fit me perfectly so you know what a loss that was) and a sweater were missing from my bag. I complained to HAL and they said there was nothing they could do. The $25 for the luggage service cost me time, replacement of items that were in my bag that I needed for those 5 days and about $200 in clothing. I would never use the service again and can not recommend it. Both times I used it were at Ft. Lauderdale. Maybe it works better at other locations.
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