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  1. We were in 8048 on Marina and it was near the stairs. There was no noise at all. It was very convenient and we would book again, but personally I would avoid being right at the elevator bank. People do tend to talk while waiting, or saying goodbye to friends when getting off the elevator. 9059 is borderline.
  2. Agreed. Our 2019 Med Cruise is up about $150 CAD for a B1. The other cruise we considered are up about the same amount even though they show more availability. Do the prices ever go down? My dream 2020 asian cruise is up too. Sigh.
  3. Oops. You're correct. I am flying on the 10th; the cruise is the 15th. So what is Riviera doing while I'm travelling? Is it related to all this grief?
  4. Where is Riviera going afterwards? We are booked on the May 10th Rome to Venice and I am a bit curious/worried about the 5 day period in between my cruise and the end of the cancelled Room to Monte Carlo cruise? Dry dock, or a charter?
  5. Sometime the distinction isn't clear. Last fall my dentist had found a small crack in one molar while doing a more critical crown replacement on another tooth. The recommenced crown was viewed as being "routine or long needed work" and was scheduled for late summer this year. In June I was sitting in the Viking museum in Oslo when my wife gave me breath mint and I felt something wrong in my mouth. A corner of the molar had come away. This was a few days before getting on the Marina in Stockholm. Luckily the hotel got me in to see a dentist who patched its up and I had no problems for the rest of the trip. I did spend time thinking I was an idiot and should have had the tooth fixed before leaving. However when I saw my dentist at home he told me the corner that broke off was on the opposite side from the crack. So the break was not foreseen, but could have been prevented. So don't bite breath mints, and keep you dental care up.
  6. We were in 8048 in June. We heard our neighbours unpacking late on embarkation day but never anything from the elevators. Wife asked me to book the same cabin on our cruise.
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