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  1. Steven_&_Daniel

    Ocean Medallion Setup

    How do you order them in advance? I thought you could no longer do that. Does it allow you to bypass the check-in process at the pier?
  2. Steven_&_Daniel

    Drink package or no drink package is the question!

    Use the drink prices of the earlier post to get a rough idea of how much you'll spend on drinks. Then buy on board credit for yourself in advance. Doing this can save you money if you know you won't get your money's worth with the drink package, and you don't have to feel guilty every time you order a drink, LOL.
  3. Steven_&_Daniel

    Enchanted Princess to Join Princess Cruises in 2020

    Yea, it seems like the Royal Class ships are a combination of really good and really bad ideas, LOL. But I guess it's all a matter of personal preference. We love the larger Piazza and buffet, agree with everyone that the Promenade sucks. Having an aft pool will be nice, but can't believe they're still trying to do 'dancing fountains'. Let it go, Princess, just let it go! We look forward to checking out Ocean Medallion on our next cruise.
  4. Steven_&_Daniel

    Enchanted Princess to Join Princess Cruises in 2020

    You mean like the dueling pianos that were originally planned for the Royal Princess? http://www.cruisemates.com/articles/feature/More-Royal-Princess-Revealed-120220.cfm (Scroll down to Crooners Martini Bar)
  5. Steven_&_Daniel

    Vancouver to California - Best time to cruise

    We did a West Coast Itinerary from L.A. to Vancouver in May and it was colder than we were expecting. Don't know if that helps.
  6. Steven_&_Daniel

    2 new ships for 2023 and 2025

    I'm seeing an overwhelming number of people condemning these ships based purely on size and comparing them to larger ships on other lines. Personally, I think Princess has always done a better job (for the most part) of designing their ships in a way to keep them from feeling like huge ships. Didn't they used to be known for 'big ship with small ship feel'? Or am I confusing that with someone else? Princess doesn't do 12-deck atriums and 3-deck dining rooms. There will always be times and places when it's overwhelmingly crowded depending on what's going on. But I think overall, Princess does a better job designing ships for their intended audience. There will always be features that someone wishes they had not changed or would change. They can't please everyone all the time. Personally, I look forward to seeing what they do with a larger ship. If you don't like larger ships, don't sail on them. But don't condemn them until you try them, or at the very least, see a deck plan. I think increasing their fleet to include different sizes and types of ships can only help Princess. I'd like to see a wider variety of people on board and develop an interest in Princess Cruises.
  7. Steven_&_Daniel

    St Thomas tour suggestions

    We've been to St. Thomas several times and we're not into shopping. Last time we went there, we went Ziplining and loved it. If you're into that, I highly recommend it... www.ziplinestthomas.com We took a taxi to and from the ship. They'll call one for you when you're ready to return.
  8. Steven_&_Daniel

    Waitlisted for Hotel in Sydney

    If you decide to book your own, we loved staying at the Holiday Inn, Old Sydney. Reasonably priced and walking distance to everything, including the ship when you're ready to board.
  9. Steven_&_Daniel

    First princess cruise

    You'll get a newsletter every day with info about what's happening, when, and where. Plus info about the next port of call if the next day is a port day.
  10. Steven_&_Daniel

    Royal Princess - gym info please

    If you're looking for free-weight barbells, you will most likely be limited to a Smith Machine. On all our Princess cruises, I've only seen one or two ships that had a couple barbells with fixed weights (meaning not adjustable). They usually have a wide selection of dumbbells, a variety of cable pulley weight equipment, plus a Smith Machine.
  11. Steven_&_Daniel

    Sydney Hotels

    The location looks pretty good. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Old Sydney which is one block away from the ship. Walked there since we only had one bag each, so that was fast and easy. I'd love to go back to Sydney, but that flight is torture!
  12. Steven_&_Daniel

    Love Boat Dream Dessert

    That's cool. I'll have to keep that in mind. Thanks!
  13. Steven_&_Daniel

    adult cabana at Princess Cay

    It's been a few years since we were at Princess Cays, and we've never really checked out the cabanas. From a quick search online, it looks like you may have to walk from the cabana area to the beach area. But it doesn't appear to be too long of a walk. I'm sure someone else can provide better feedback from their experiences. Here's a map Here are pictures
  14. Steven_&_Daniel

    Love Boat Dream Dessert

    I didn't think of that. That's a good idea. How late are they open?
  15. Steven_&_Daniel

    Love Boat Dream Dessert

    Rather than start a second thread, since I'm kind of on the subject with my above post, is there anything you guys recommend from Room Service? I think I'm overdue for checking it out. I've seen people leave their used dishes in the hall. I hate that. I assume it's better to just leave the tray on the desk when finished? If I'm going to do this, I want to do it right, haha.