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  1. From the title of the thread, I was expecting to see a non-widescreen video of a cabin.
  2. I've turned off email notifications from Cruise Critic as of April, but I'm still receiving emails for updates to followed content. As an aside, since this isn't functioning correctly, Cruise Critic (The Independent Traveler, Inc) is in violation of FTC CAN-SPAM regulations. Not a big deal here, but someone else with a lot of money and nothing else to do may sue. Anyways... How can we make sure that I don't get these emails anymore? I'd prefer not to blacklist Cruise Critic through my email service. Thanks!
  3. Out of the three options, I’d probably go with the “or ???”
  4. Warning: they are the slowest gokarts ever.
  5. Yo dawg, I herd u leik reviews.
  6. That’s par for the course on this forum. I proposed new rules to encourage on-topic discussions of meaningful thread titles, like many other forums, but I was ridiculed.
  7. We were on the Breakaway on the cruise directly before yours, the one that embarked on 4/21 and disembarked on 4/28. I was fine, but the day after we disembarked, my wife got norovirus *and* pneumonia!
  8. The best review is this one: But I’m a bit biased.
  9. Nope. Didn't even consider it since I had both the Haven and the Spa, so I didn't even look. It's really nothing special and I totally don't recommend it. I wish I had taken some pictures to show you. It's basically a double-lounger with a back to it. There isn't really any added privacy or shade, despite the description. Considering that a majority of the loungers in the Vibe go completely unused, I really don't see the point.
  10. Snort all you want, but we’ll be charging top dollar in licensing fees! It’s top-shelf, trashy-TV footage!
  11. I just went on the Breakaway from April 21st from April 28th. At the time of writing, I was on the most recently disembarked cruise. Therefore, I'm an expert, right? Hehe. Okay, here it goes. 1. Yes, they were sold separately at $209 per person and each person must be present while buying them. In other words, if you're signing up two people, both people must be waiting in line. 2. I'm not sure how much they cost, but every time I looked into the Vibe area (which was often, since I loved the top deck right above it, very often reserved for Haven activities that I was in), the Vibe was almost completely empty. The most people I ever saw in there was 4 in the hot tub and 4 at the bar. That's it. And I checked several times, every day. So no, I would not say a cabana is worth it, at any price, since the Vibe was not crowded at all. You can have plenty of space without it, pretty much any time. Now I'll offer my unsolicited advice that you never asked for! 😉 The big question is whether you should buy a Spa Thermal Suite pass or Vibe Beach Club pass, since they're (now) essentially the same price. Here's really what it boils down to: - If you want concurrent access to a hot tub and a bar, the Vibe gets a point. - If you intentionally want to get away from alcohol, the Spa Thermal Suite gets a point. - If you want to sun bathe, Vibe gets a point. - If you want to lounge without getting a sun burn, the Spa gets a point. - If you want to socialize, Vibe gets a point. - If you want quiet relaxation, Spa gets a point. - If you specifically want a sauna, Spa gets a point. At the end of the day, they're essentially exclusive areas for two different experiences, based on your preferences, priced about equally. My wife is the type to enjoy the spa more, but I'm the type to enjoy the Vibe more. That said, "happy wife, happy life!" So yea, we ended up in the spa. 😉 But I really did enjoy the spa, too. If you specifically want a cabana and don't mind walking some distance to get drinks, I think money is better spent on a balcony room than getting a Vibe pass for two people, especially if you're adding a cabana to the mix. Again, that's just my opinion, some random guy on the interwebs. Hope this helps!
  12. What is it about Celebrity that’s making you look elsewhere?
  13. Unfortunately, no. We didn’t really use them; we just used the NCL app on our phones.
  14. I just re-read my review and realized that I mislabeled the family in my Haven review. Family A in the Haven review section is actually Family B from the Roatan section. Just wanted to clarify that! I can’t edit it at this point.
  15. It’s prescription here in the USA, but (like most things) over the counter there. No prescription needed, but please be a responsible and educated adult! What I got is 100% non-recreational; it’s some medicine for my restless leg syndrome. But someone COULD buy something abusive. There is basically no restriction.
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