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  1. I'm not seeing flights for late May. I'm so sorry if I was unclear. I'm comparing prices for earlier dates in anticipation of what to expect. And if trends prove true, I may expect much lower prices on frontier than JetBlue. So I'm trying to learn from people with experience on Frontier (I have none) how it's best to book through them. I want to be ready to jump on these low fares when they are released.
  2. We are from NY metro area and have booked a cruise out of San Juan for late May 2019. All of the flights we are seeing right now are in the $600 pp range, so we are eagerly awaiting the discount airlines to release their rates for our travel week. Meantime, I've been watching rates for other dates and JetBlue (JFK or EWR), which would be our choice, seems around the same as other airlines. It looks like Frontier out of Philadelphia might be a real option for us as, if trends prove true, it might save us more than $1k. It will be markedly less convenient and the flight times are terrible...but that is a lot of money I'd rather save for our next vacation! ;p Please tell me about your experience with Frontier from Philly to San Juan. Do I need to join the den to get the best possible rate? When can we expect rates for this time frame to be released? Does frontier always publish fares on Thursdays? What time of day? Please feel free to contribute any additional info you think would be helpful! Thanks in advance! Eeyore
  3. We have found embarkation day to be the biggest challenge...no opportunity to pre-order MDR choices and no servers assisting in WJ. I highly recommend specialty dining for both lunch, if available, and dinner. Your server at the specialty restaurant can provide the menu for the next night, there shouldn't be a need to go to the MDR to pre-order.
  4. For sure. My daughter had it many times at Sorrento's on Anthem. She said it hit the spot. Just request it. They also make decent GF sandwiches at Cafe Two70. Again just ask what they can do.
  5. Great, cheap upsell through TA. I made sure he knew we were interested in a good upsell and it seems I hit the jackpot when I reminded him on the right day.
  6. My "kids" (20 somethings) and I sailed on Anthem to Bermuda last May (Memorial Day 2017). It was FABULOUS!! We didn't notice many kids or teens at all, mine felt like the youngest kids on the ship! We were surprised, too, because it was a holiday. Honestly Anthem doesn't feel anything at all like an amusement park. Just avoid the Seaplex, and you will be fine. Entertainment on board is top-notch. As for the weather, it's a matter of luck. We had one overcast day when we did some sightseeing in Saint Georges, and one gorgeous day at Horseshoe Bay. The water was plenty warm for swimming there. We encountered a rough storm on our sea day coming home, very high waves, but that can happen any time. I've never done Grandeur, so can't compare, but can highly recommend Anthem.
  7. They allow exceptions to the rules for medical reasons. I think if you explain the situation, they will allow you to purchase one package for yourself ...idk if you'd need a doctor's note. Contratulations to your wife for taking steps towards being more healthy. Drink a toast to her for me!
  8. We have found embarkation day to be a little rough in Windjammer and ok but not as accommodating as usual in the MDR (since no opportunity to pre-order). I recommend specialty dining on embarkation day if possible or gf pizza in Sorrento's. It's the pre-prepared kind widely available, my DD enjoyed it.
  9. Do you know what time they release the new schedule. I will set my alarm! Traveling late May and this is what I'm waiting for to book flights. We love Southwest!
  10. Can't wait for your full review! Decided on a memorial day sailing in 2019 and want to read all I can get. Glad you had a great time!
  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We have booked a cruise on Freedom next May...never done a cruise out of San Juan. So looking forward to it! Glad you have more cruises booked on her, votes of confidence! Did you try any specialty dining?
  12. Bingo! Condado Plaza Hilton is winning as of now. It looks like a great location near a nice beach but close enough to walk to OSJ. I checked Google maps and the hotel to the Castillo is 5 km, definitely walkable for us as long as that bridge works! Thanks for the input!
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