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  1. I heard that horseshoe bay is closed on Thursday due to a large event? Is that true?? And will the shuttle bus from the Dockyard still running?
  2. Hi We have ordered a car service to take us to the port, where do they usually drop you off and where are the check in desks?
  3. I think we had him on the Epic last year, is he on the Escape now? We found him neither useful nor friendly on the Epic last year!
  4. It just depends on whether you think you will be using your balcony much. We had a huge balcony on the Epic’s DOS but never really used it much as it was either too hot to sit out or we were out doing stuffs round the ship! This time we have booked the FF penthouse on the Escape.
  5. Well I have been at work today and being that I am a healthcare professional I have helped many people already today and it’s not even my lunch break yet! 🤪. Happy birthday!!!
  6. Have tried both NA beer and wine, prefer beer
  7. I can’t drink , allergy to alcohol (I know!), and it’s so boooooring to drink juice/soda. So yeah would be nice to have a bit of NA fizzz
  8. Birdtravels which website did you use for the deck cam please?
  9. Not a great start but why is it chaos? What time are you leaving NY? Hope it gets better!
  10. Managed to watch the live webcam, fantastic! Thanks all
  11. Is King’s Square where you get off at St. George’s ferry terminal?
  12. Thank you Charles for the information. I wish I knew before I booked
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