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  1. Ah, never mind, Petoonya. I just realized that they don't open the water sports center on Windstar in Tahaa or Raiatea, so I answered my own question.
  2. Petoonya, I know this is an older post, but I'm curious. I thought Windstar provided kayaks...why would there have been a need to rent one from a hotel? Also, how did you enjoy the ship's coral garden drift snorkel? We'll be sailing Windstar with stops in both Taha'a and Raiatea next year.
  3. Last year, they extended the schedule on October 14th. The year before that, on October 1st, and the year before that on Sept. 25th.
  4. According to a ships-in-port site I just found, an MSC ship will be arriving in Geiranger 2 hours after the Nieuw Statendam. I'm also finding reference that HAL doesn't get to use the Seawalk so I guess we'll be tendering. So, circling back to the original question, if we anchor at 7am and have to tender, do you think we will we be off the ship in time for a 9am independent excursion?
  5. It's been quite a few years since my last cruise, and this will be my first on Holland America, on the Nieuw Statendam. We'll be porting in Geiranger one day in June, and we'll be the only ship in port that day. I'd like to arrange an independent excursion, but I recall from previous cruises that guests with ship-sponsored excursions get priority in getting of the ship. With a port time of 7am, what time can I reasonably expect to have my feet on shore?
  6. Any idea what the space forward of 121 is used for?
  7. From the itinerary, it looks like Wind Spirit leaves Bora Bora at 9pm on the 2nd night. What time does the island entertainment wrap up?
  8. Yes, I had already found that very helpful review during my initial research, and everything I saw on the YouTube videos was encouraging. It was just the negativity in some of the CC reviews that gave me pause. Thank you. I think your post gives a clear idea of what to expect.
  9. I only just came across Star Clippers while I was researching Windstar, and I'm contemplating either an Eastern Mediterranean or Southern Caribbean cruise on Star Flyer. From the YouTube videos I've seen, the experience looks like something my wife & I would enjoy, but in perusing the reviews here on CruiseCritic, it seems like nearly half of them contain complaints about rude or disinterested staff, poor communication, or disorganized planning at the ports. It's hard to judge from the reviews, because there aren't a lot of them, and only a few of them are recent. I really don't mean to s
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