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  1. This is THE BEST information for us if it is the case! We are booked on a Dec 2019 sailing - one in a star class loft suite and the other in a sky class grand suite and it would be fantastic if we had all the included perks (complimentary internet, included specialty dining, genie service etc). Fingers crossed that this is the case. We sailed Ovation from Singapore as well and LOVED the Royal Suite Class service.
  2. We move around too. We sailed Crystal for the first time in October and have another booked in 2020. In between we will be sailing both Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. We primarily sail in upper level suites on these two lines where almost everything is included. We have enjoyed our cruises, which is why we continue sailing with each of these lines. We have two young children and RCL and Celebrity have larger suites that accommodate four, which is a way better option than having to book two cabins on Crystal’s ships. On the other hand, our Crystal experience was very classy and it was great not having to flash our seapass cards every where we went. For us, we are glad there are so many options each time we want to book a cruise!
  3. I recall that English was the primary language of communication. There might have been a Mandarin / Cantonese karaoke session somewhere but I cannot be sure. I don’t think you’ll run into any problem on the language front on the ship! 🙂
  4. Thanks - fingers crossed and really hope they do. It’s a six-month season (so very long!) and we would really appreciate the suite class perks on our cruise. I am hoping they will confirm one way or other so that if it isn’t going to happen, we can start monitoring cruise planner for discounted internet packages etc but knowing RCL, that’s unlikely - we only knew about Ovation having the suite class perks the week before we sailed (this was before the brochures were updated to reflect Australian and Singapore departures were covered by the royal suite class; it had previously referred to only Australian departures and until a certain date!).
  5. We sailed to Taiwan from Hong Kong on Voyager of the Seas two years ago. Although ostensibly a “cultural immersion” sailing, there was a large number of non-Chinese on that cruise. Food was of a good variety as was entertainment and there was something for everyone. We are Asians but very used to cruising on the usual international lines (and would hesitate to sail out of the mainland Chinese ports) and we did not feel out of place on that cruise. In fact, we quite enjoyed ourselves!
  6. I cannot seem to find anything on this so am trying to see if CC members have heard anything. Quantum will be leaving China for a short season, sailing out of Singapore. When Ovation sails in Singapore and Australia, the Royal Suite Class system is in effect rather than China's Golden Suite Class system. Does anyone know if Quantum will be doing the same? For us, it makes a huge difference as we are not high rollers and the included internet, drinks etc will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Do Canyon Ranch hardshell more than Steiner? I have had quite unpleasant experiences from Steiner regarding this and always thought Canyon Ranch was an "upgrade"! Sorry to hear you were shortchanged but glad you got the refund.
  8. Thanks very much - sounds like we will be well looked after then.
  9. Tagging on to this post as it is also about dining on the Edge. We will be in a RS which includes complimentary specialty dining. However, if I reserve these in advance on the Cruise Planner, it says I will have to make payment for them. I would wait till we are onboard but understand that by that time, some specialty dining would have been fully booked. Is there some kind of compromise for this - does Celebrity keep some tables for onboard reservations? Also, does Celebrity allow ordering in from the specialty restaurants? I know Star Class passengers on Royal Caribbean get this privilege but am unsure if this is ported over to RS and above guests who get complimentary specialty dining. Thanks!
  10. Thanks - I live outside the USA but my TA is in the US. RCL US does not want to talk to me - they are making me call their authorised representative in my country - which is actually a TA! My TA says it was RCL who advised her the only way to add the new people would be to cancel and rebook (at no detriment to my deposit but at the expense of my US$50 OBC for booking onboard and at the current price).
  11. We booked a cruise on Quantum of the Seas for December 2019 while onboard Symphony earlier this year. We booked two suites and were told adding the additional people to the existing booking would not be a problem. However, now that we have confirmed the other people who are going and want to insert them as 3rd/4th pax in the two suites, my TA says RCL advises that it will be treated as a brand new booking so we will be repriced and lose our onboard OBC. In any case, it now appears that booking 8 pax into 2 suites is more expensive than just leaving the 2 suite bookings untouched and booking the 4 pax into the cheapest available inside stateroom. Is this a new policy? If so, I am wondering why it was not highlighted to us both onboard and via my TA back in June. Thank you!
  12. Thank you for your live report Bob! It has been so helpful and together with Keith’s, has helped us so much with navigating around our first Crystal cruise. Val
  13. Thanks for the wonderful photos and report, Keith. I am just sorry we did not get to say hi - we missed the Meet and Mingle as we had a Silk Road reservation which clashed. We did pop in to the Captain’s reception at Palm Court where we witnessed you and Anne Marie being congratulated on your 93rd cruise (did I get the number right?). We had a very nice time - not perfect but no trip is - and are already booked on a 2020 cruise, this time with kids in tow (it will be a summer sailing so the Junior Activities Director will be on board). Val
  14. Thanks for the info as always, Keith. Lovely pictures of Valencia - ours were all rather different. Looks like we explored very different parts of the city. We are back on the ship with aching legs. It is a good thing I have a massage scheduled for this evening LOL. Val Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. That beef wellington looks amazing, Keith! Is it available for pre-order every evening? Have been wondering how we should go about pre ordering food from both the Crystal Dining Room and the specialty restaurants (specifically, the lobster tempura!). Val Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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