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  1. To help put your mind at ease a little bit, Portland, OR is a VERY small airport, which always helps with a tight connection. I love flying in/through there as it is so easy to navigate. Plus, there are lots of flights between Portland and Seattle (and worst case scenario, it is about a 2 1/2-3 hour drive, if you don't hit much traffic). I love Alaska Airlines. I wouldn't stress over your flights.
  2. My kids absolutely love the Princess kids club! Our last cruise was in the fall and my kids are still talking about how much fun they had in the kids club. The kids club staff does an amazing job. If you haven't already done so- pre-register him for the kids club, makes it a lot easier when you get on the ship. Go to the meet and greet/open house (forget what they actually call it) on the first day so that he can look around and you can finish registering him (they go over everything, doesn't take long).
  3. That is really helpful! My youngest is 5, so I still remember going 3 1/2 year old speed when they are determined to walk and not ride in the stroller.
  4. Thanks for the heads up about the schedule. Just looked and we are in Berth 4- the furthest one away.
  5. Yesterday I just bought this one at REI (https://www.rei.com/product/136588/rei-co-op-trail-25-pack-womens). I am 5' 2" and struggle with packs that hit the top of my head, as I have a very short torso. This one didn't do that. Aside from wearing it around the store for a LONG time twice, I haven't used it yet, but wanted to mention it, since you are the same height I am. Right now they have their 20% off one item sale going on for members plus a bonus 10% rebate (in the form of an e-gift card) on all REI branded items this week.
  6. We arrive in Ketchikan at 10 am and wanted to do the Lumberjack show at 11. Do you think it is safe to book directly and not the cruise line or is it cutting it too close to arrival? Not sure why I'm second guessing this so much! Thanks!
  7. Have you looked into a private transfer for your group? The major transfer companies (not the Princess ones) offer private transfers at a flat rate. If there are enough of you, it would save a little money. They also offer group discounts on the non private transfers. I am in a group of 8, so I've done a little looking into it. We have a private transfer leaving around noon.
  8. I have 3 bookings under the 3 for free- one dropped during the sale and we re-fared and kept the perks because the sale was still on. That same booking the price dropped again during this current promo but if I re-fared we would save about $1 per person, which isn't worth it. The second one we ended up saving around $85 per person under the new promo, even after losing free grats. Third one the new promo doesn't save us any money.
  9. No. If you re-fare your booking you will lose your existing perks (OBC and gratuities) and get what is associated with the current promo.
  10. We are going to Alaska this summer on Princess and my kids will be 6 and 8 as well. We've only done a short cruise so far on Princess with the kids but they did not combine the kids then. Both were in the 3-7 group then (my oldest turns 8 days before our upcoming cruise). From what I've read, they typically do not combine the groups. The younger kids do a LOT of crafts, which my kids loved. They LOVED the kids club and mention it almost daily. Our cruise was about 6 months ago.
  11. My kids absolutely love the kids club and are currently 5 and 7. That is all they can talk about for their next cruise- going back to the kids club.
  12. Southbound cruises on Princess include Glacier Bay AND Hubbard Glacier, so no need to pick just one if doing land and then cruise with Princess.
  13. I just noticed that under the FAQ's for the childrens and teens programs that it mentions birthday parties. Does anyone have any experience with what they do in the kids clubs for birthdays? Both my kids are celebrating their birthdays on our next cruise. (One has her birthday the day we fly in, a few days before our cruise and will be celebrating on board, the other has their birthday in the middle of the cruise). One will be in Camp Discovery, the Other the Lodge. Just curious, as it seems like it might be more than the door decorations and card for the birthday treat. We will be on the Royal, if that matters. Thanks!
  14. Found this one with photos of a quad balcony http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=415324 (on a sister ship) and this one mentions the pack n play/crib:
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