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  1. Thanks for the response! I'll give them a call today.........
  2. How is the FCC sent? Postal service.... email.... some other way? I had to cancel a cruise a couple of weeks ago, and am curious as to what I should be expecting. We made a $500 deposit, so expect that we should be getting a $300 FCC, right? Thanks!
  3. I went online a few days ago to see what our points standing was following a cruise we took last month, and noticed that I couldn't see our booking for a cruise next year on the Meraviglia. The only booking showing up was the one we already completed. Soooo.... I called MSC and was told that I needed to log out of my account, then click on "Login or Manage Booking" at the top right corner, then click on "I have an existing booking", then put in the booking number, etc. It got me to my future booking, but what a hassle. It didn't save the booking to my account, so I suppose I'll need to get to my future booking that way from now on. You might want to give that a try We really enjoyed our MSC cruise, which is why we decided to book another when we got home. I just hope that they can get the website issues sorted out....
  4. So, so beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.
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