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  1. Guaranteed was the only thing available in all categories. We booked because we liked the itinerary. I’m sure all will be fine. Now I know to never book a guaranteed cabin.
  2. Thanks to everyone who responded with kindness and respect. I am very familiar with Carnival’s policies and my TA did tell me of the crap shoot that is a guaranteed cabin. He told me I would get at least the same as I booked or maybe better. So..... I booked interior and that’s what I got.....and no, it was not a special discount. It was the same price it would’ve been had I picked my own cabin.
  3. We are platinum with over 22 cruises and booked a last minute cruise in June sailing on the Breeze on Nov 2. We like midship interior cabins and this is what we chose. Today we finally got our cabin assignment. We were given #6495 aft. Seriously? This cabin is darn near the very last cabin on that deck. At this point is there anything we can do? In a cabin so far in the back we will feel every pitch and roll. I was under the impression that our platinum status would help us get a decent cabin. We also requested early dining but are confirmed for late dining. I was told by my TA that we could see the maitre’d in the MDR on the first night to see if it can be changed. It was suggested we grease his palm. Again....seriously? I thought platinum came with some perks. Has anyone here ever been able to change a guaranteed cabin?
  4. Thanks to all who replied. Our sailing is on Nov 2 and as of today, there is still no assigned cabin. I'm not expecting any sort of upgrade as I have a guaranteed inside cabin; I just don't want the cabin to be under the night clubs or under the gym and at our age, it wouldn't be good to have upper and lower bunks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I hear something soon
  5. I usually book our cruises one year out but back in July we saw a 14 day cruise on the Breeze leaving from FL on November 2. I called my TA and told him we were interested. We usually like interior midship cabins, either Riviera or Main deck but our TA said there were no interior cabins available anywhere on the ship. He tried all others but nothing was available. He told me I could book a guarantee which means I will either get an interior cabin somewhere on the ship or an upgrade somewhere. He also told me early dining and anytime dining would be wait listed so we have late dining. If the dining can't be changed we will probably just eat at Lido. I was able to fill out our paperwork and print out documents and the cabin shows TBA and the bed configuration shows twin beds. I called my TA and told him I couldn't get into the area where I could edit the bed configuration and asked if he would be able to do that. He said he couldn't till a cabin was assigned. After almost 32 cruises, this is the first time I've ever had a TBA cabin and I'm a bit nervous about it. Has anyone else had any experience with this and if so, how long before the cruise is a cabin assigned? I'd hate to fly to FL and find out we are under the nightclub or next to the engines. Is there anyone I can speak to other than my TA about this issue? My TA is a great guy and has always gotten us exactly what we want but I'm sure that's because I've always booked in plenty of time to pick whatever I want. Any advice would be appreciated
  6. Thanks....I'll go check it out right now
  7. I didn't see that one offered on the ship or on my TA website. Where do you suggest I look....Expedia or bookings.com or one of those?
  8. Yes we are planning the excursion for Progresso. Since teenagers love to shop we planned to let them shop their little hearts out and just relax and have fun
  9. We are taking our teenage granddaughters on a 5 day cruise on RCL in early July and will be stopping in Progresso and Cozumel. It's their very first cruise and we want to take them on an excursion to the ruins. We did this excursion about 15 years ago and did not use the cruise ship excursion but bargained with a local driver who took us. The woman was very knowledgeable and we had a great time. I want to know if you can still bargain for these tours off ship and if anyone has any suggestions about which tour operator they used and if it's still considered safe to take a non ship sponsored tour to the ruins at Chichen Itza. Thanks for your replies
  10. Thanks for your response. I'll check them out.
  11. On June 1 we will be sailing on Sapphire Princess out of Southampton London for a 14 day Baltic Cruise. England has always been on my bucket list so we are flying in a few days prior and planning to do some sightseeing in London before our voyage starts. We've booked a hotel in Kensington and I was looking for any advice on the best ways to get around without using a taxi service. I read there's a tube really close to our hotel but I also read about the bus service which is also fairly cheap and gets you where you want to go. I'm also looking for transport from Heathrow to the hotel but since we will have luggage, I'd prefer a taxi service. I spoke with my TA who gave me the name of a service he recommends but the quote I received for 4 people with luggage would cost 150 pounds ($192). That sounds pretty pricey to me as I've read the hotel is about 40 minutes from our hotel. The quote we received to go from our hotel to the cruise pier is 190 pounds ($245) Does anyone here have any suggestions or tips on cheaper taxi services to from airport to hotel and then hotel to cruise terminal? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  12. We are doing the 14 day Baltic cruise in June 2019 and have already booked all our excursions thru Princess except for our stop in Copenhagen. Was wondering if there is any shopping or places to eat close to the ship? We looked at the excursions offered and aren't yet sure if we want to do that or just go about on our own. Any suggestions or insights would be most appreciated.
  13. We are sailing on Princess in June 2019 out of Southampton and will arrive 3 days early so we can sightsee in London. We've booked the Dreamtel in Kensington and are wondering if we need to bring a power converter to charge iphones/ipads etc. I've looked on the hotel website and it's not addressed there. Has anyone stayed in this hotel and if so, do they have any american style electrical outlets in the rooms or should we buy one before we go? Thanks for any insight
  14. A big thank you to everybody who took the time to give me some advice. I see I have a lot of work ahead of me. I'm just glad I have awhile before I need these rooms. It looks like June is a busy time of year because quite a few of the places I checked out were already sold out. I'll keep looking
  15. Hi all, We are booked on Princess out of Southampton for the 14 day cruise departing on June 1, 2019. We want to arrive a few days early to do some sightseeing in London before we depart on the cruise. Can anyone recommend an area of town and a few names of places they stayed that were close to transportation and were moderately priced? I've looked on Travelocity and Expedia for hotels but not sure which area I should choose. According to my TA we shouldn't stay near the airport as there's nothing to see. Thanks in advance to all responses
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