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  1. Does the Anthem offer the three (3) drink option at select bars to diamond and above?
  2. My experience has been you cannot do worst using a TA and sometimes you can experience better with a TA. Some TA are much better than others
  3. We stayed on the Summit 9201 C1 cabin and really enjoyed the spacious balcony. This gave us the feeling of real luxury. The size of the room itself was appreciated. All in all the extra cost was well worth it.
  4. Radio, How come they didn't arrest you when you were taking pictures in the customs area?
  5. Radio, I followed your updates with great interest and pleasure. Now I don't have to go out on the 26th. HA! HA! I'll be thinking of you when I'm sailing on the Celebrity and you are home.
  6. Our first of 45 cruises was on The Horizon NYC to Bermuda in 1995. Since we no longer enjoy the hassle in air travel before and after a cruise, we are from New Jersey and appreciate going out of Port Liberty. P.S. Thanks Stateroom Sailor for a positive subject. I have a wife so I don't need any complaints.
  7. Do you need an international drivers license? Does your current car insurance cover you or do you need to purchase it there? Thanks for all the info that you are providing.
  8. This is a great list I don't miss the late night buffets. But, I enjoy lower fares (In relation to income)
  9. We have never experienced transferring a cruise booking to my travel agent.
  10. What is the advantage(s) if any of a C1 to C3 to justify the price? Is it limited to location?
  11. It is called "Formal Night" not "Come as you are night". In years past Celebrity strictly enforced the formal dress code but that was in years past. Today a new, maybe not better, attitude exist regarding trying to maintain an atmosphere of elegance. I was one who personally enjoyed wearing a tux and my wife wearing a gown and miss it. Today, I accept the fact that the majority of cruisers reach for a more relaxed dress code and try to conform. However, I believe there is absolutely no good reason for anyone seating in the MDR to dress in beach attire much less dirty clothes.
  12. We had the pleasure to sail on the Summit on the R/T 12 day Cape Liberty going to Quebec. This was before the refurbishing and we really enjoyed the size of this vessel. We have been on over 40 cruises that encompassed itineraries all over the world and keep this cruise in our top 10. Hope that you have a similar experience.
  13. Congratulations to Viking. in giving us a choice. There are plenty of cruises geared towards kids. Now we have a choice to travel with adults. Don't get me wrong. I Iove kids but not all the time. Good luck with this new policy.
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