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  1. So first of all I will preface this by saying I messed up. We leave on the Bliss next Saturday. I turned to cruise prep this weekend and all the specialty dining is booked all week (unless you go after 9). Some nights the regular dining room is booked. Will any of this free up during the week?
  2. We will be on the Bliss next month. We have a 4 year old, it will be her first cruise. Does anyone know if you can rent a stroller from Norwegian or a 3rd party near the port. We dont own a stroller but used one at Disney a few months ago that we rented. I imagine a few port days a stroller would be very handy.
  3. Are there soda machines or do you get cans from the bar like on Carnival
  4. I saw many people post that they heard days before their cruise about their upgrades. What is the soonest folks typically hear about possible upgrades. We are trying to go from a mini suite to a haven.
  5. We have a 4 year old and will be in the Haven on Bliss in March. Never been on Haven before. I know she’s allowed to be in the Haven Restaraunt and Pool. However, is it a very formal adults only affair. She’s great, but she’s 4. You can always ensure the word poop doesn’t get mentioned occasionally at the dinner table or pool. I also know we will be spending most of our time in the splash pad. However it would be nice to not find crowds for chairs at a pool to play with her in a more quiet environment.
  6. We are travelling the first week in March. Budget is not really an issue. Would pay to stay somewhere nice walking distance to basic shopping (target type place we will need coloring books and activities for our 4 year old) and food.
  7. We are flying into Fort Lauderdale on Friday morning and cruising out of Miami on Saturday. Any suggestions on hotels between point A and B. Preferably something close to shopping and food. We could stay anywhere between Fort Lauderdale and Miami doesn’t matter if we take the Uber Friday or Saturday morning.
  8. I received my first significant offer for my next cruise from the CPC. Our cruise ended last week and the offer still isn’t in my listed offers on the website. Do I have to call my vacation planner to find dates and availability for the offer. Or is there somewhere on the website I don’t see where I can put in the three letter code of the offer
  9. So I got my first cruise offer from the casino. The offer sheet the casino host gave me the last night of the cruise was for 100 dollars for an interior room with 100 dollars OBC. Can I pay the difference to upgrade to a higher class of room?
  10. The ship rocks but not alarmingly so. The lido is no more crowded then every other ship I’ve been on.
  11. We are in San Juan so I can use my phone. A few thoughts..... The ship is not nearly as crowded as I feared it would be. The buffet is full in the mornings, but few people uses the Havana Bar which is attached to the buffet with all the buffet food. My wife and I have had a table by the window every morning for breakfast. The cream cheese Cuban pastries (only available in the Havana bar) are the best thing I’ve ever had on any cruise ship including specialty restaraunts. We are on the 12th floor only two elevators go to the 12th floor and the buttoning system doesn’t work great. This ship could use the much maligned vista elevator system. Apart from that the 12th floor is amazing. It’s super quiet. Not many rooms up here’s maybe 10 on each side. The steakhouse was great, the dining room was ok, we had light food from the buffet for dinner last night and it exceeded expectations. We blew calories at the alchemy bar and dessert from the shake spot. I’m happy to answer any other questions.
  12. The muster drill stresses me out depending on where I am. If I’m outside it’s bad. If I’m sitting in one of the theaters I’m fine.
  13. Our Cruise is in 5 days. I can never decide which is worse the week leading up to a cruise or the week following. So my question is when do you finally feel like you’re on vacation. For me it’s when I am thru security and I am walking on the gangway to the ship. It’s as though the stress falls off of me on the walk. I’m usually nearly 100 percent relaxed once our room isn’t available.
  14. can you use pods in the laundry or does it need to be the powder?
  15. Thanks I appreciate it. I just hate having a bunch of cash with me and the atm on board is always pricy.
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