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  1. This week the guy I book my cruises with (works for carnival) gave me the fax # to use as he isn't allowed to grant them anymore. I faxed over the proof and like 48 hours later I got a email saying it was approved. I was worried at first, but It was a very easy process. I even get another email with the booking showing the OBC on it. I was told it needs to be 30 days within the booking to grant it.
  2. Which do you would be the safest to leave the vehicle ? Which do you recommended ? They all seem to be about half the cost of going on site.
  3. it sounds like park port Canaveral is the place to and about half the price. Any other recent reviews of them ?
  4. Thanks for the price matching tip that was on the 1st page as I was able to save $33 per person booking directly with Carnival. So as of 9-18 it still works.
  5. As a hardcore country music fan that goes to a lot of concerts your best bet will be live music around the ship and hope you find someone that's average. Karaoke as someone mentioned typically will have a lot of country songs and leaving from Texas should raise the % a little bit of hearing country songs. The few production shows I've seen on various lines were very rough and full of stereotypes. I will be on the breeze soon so hopefully that one will be better. I would have your music downloaded on your phone for when your laying around the ship.
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