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  1. These overhead photos were posted in a FB group a few days ago... Credit: Ronald Verhoog Photography
  2. There is mention in a Cruise Critic article of evening entertainment in Vibe... I guess we'll need to wait and see. Editing to add that I just tried to find the article and can't.
  3. Food is very subjective. I've only sailed on two NCL ships (Epic & Escape) and, most recently, one Royal Caribbean ship (Navigator of the Seas). I was very disappointed with the food on Navigator, but I'm not going to assume I'd be disappointed on another RC ship... Cruise number four will be back with NCL though. I don't have enough experience of excursions to comment on differences.
  4. First photo in daylight... (Credit Jeroen van Roijen on FB)
  5. Your photos are 100 times better than the webcam. 🙂
  6. https://www.meyerwerft.de/de/meyerwerft_de/helper/stream.jsp?
  7. @Steff79 you're a star! Thank you for braving the weather tonight to take these amazing photos 🙂
  8. I just saw the changed float out time on FB... I doubt I'll be watching now from the UK. Oh well... I'll look forward to screenshots etc when I get up tomorrow morning lol
  9. CazV


    Cannes is a tender port. When I sailed on the Epic two years ago I explored both Cannes and Palma on my own without an excursion.
  10. I left it in my cabin at the end of my last cruise.
  11. Epic was the first ship I cruised on, and I remember when I saw that chandelier for the first time it took my breath away. Kinda hoping the Encore chandelier will look better in real life than that image... we'll see!
  12. Think this is the first time I've seen it... interesting design.
  13. I'm on the 24th November sailing and traveling solo. I'm still on the fence about trying to buy a pass, but if I do, I will definitely be reporting back on it. I'm inclined to not rush to be among the first to board, as I hope I'll be out partying in Miami the night before lol
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