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  1. Having just sailed Navigator of the Seas after two NCL cruises on Epic and Escape this post is interesting and I really must get around to writing my own review, but for now I thought I'd add comment related to some of the differences noted... Pre-cruise I totally agree with how complicated I found RCI's cruise planner and "sales" when they change the prices of everything. Embarkation and disembarkation days were both a breeze on Navigator v both my NCL experiences. Navigator's pool deck was just gorgeous and I loved hanging out at the Lime & Coconut Bar... quite different to either of the NCL ships. The food on Navigator in the MDR and Windjammer was terrible. I also really missed having the option of O'Sheehan's later in the evening. I agree that the RCI drinks package is a little better... but be aware that Starbucks coffee is not included in all RCI ships. On NCL I have had speciality coffee included as I've sailed in the solo studios so that wasn't really a huge advantage for me personally, but having sparkling water included was a nice plus for me. I found the nightlife disappointing on Navigator and was in bed earlier than either of my other cruises most nights... possibly not a bad thing! haha Last but not least, I found the crew on Navigator to be the friendliest of the three ships I've sailed on so found it interesting to read the OPs perspective about the Anthem. My cabin stewards on my two NCL sailings were rarely seen and I didn't speak with them... on Navigator I had really pleasant interactions with my cabin steward most days. I also found that bar staff were calling me by my name regularly which was a nice touch. I've returned to perusing the NCL boards here on Cruise Critic because I think I'll be returning to NCL for my next cruise.
  2. Here's a link to the Roll Call for our sailing https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2539591-navigator-of-the-seas-april-26-2019-7-nights-from-miami
  3. It was in a Facebook group so I can't post a link.
  4. It looked fairly well equipped for weight training in the brief video walkthrough I saw. I'm one of those people who trains at home and likes to know what the gym is like... Takes her training gear but ends up not using it. 😁 If you happen to be thinking of booking the 7 day itinerary at the end of April be sure to join our roll call πŸ‘
  5. @The Fun ResearcherThanks for the great review! Quick question for you... roughly how long is the Ice Show? Trying to figure out which performance works best to fit with late dining.
  6. Yes it's now open. According to reports if you're very tall you may have some issues using some of the cardio machines as the ceiling is very low.
  7. If you turn up to sail on her on Saturday you will have missed the ship lol She sails on Friday!
  8. With regard to your second question, the four night sailings don't start till May.
  9. I believe all cabins got new carpets and soft furnishings.
  10. Great photos and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm sailing on her in a few weeks and the more I see and hear, the more excited I get.
  11. Thanks for the fantastic review and photos of the food at Jamie's. Excited to eat there on my cruise at the end of April. πŸ™‚
  12. Looking forward to following along to while away some more of my own countdown till it's my turn to sail on her in a few weeks πŸ™‚ Bon voyage!
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