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  1. The only HAL ships with Lido Cabanas are the Eurodam and the Nieuw Amsterdam.
  2. Agree with the majority here - we are HAL regulars but our very first cruise was on the PG, and I think you would be very happy if you choose the PG for Tahiti. We extended our vacation by adding a second week on one island after the cruise.
  3. 😁 Looks like fun to me!
  4. We were on the 20 day Land/Sea a couple of years ago (two weeks on land and then a one week cruise from Seward to Vancouver) and we used the hotel self-service laundromats as needed. Sometimes the machines were very busy so it can take up some valuable free time. Once we boarded the Noordam, we signed up for the unlimited laundry package for the one week cruise and sent out several bags of laundry the first night (our cabin steward brought us extra laundry bags when I mentioned that we had a lot of laundry.) Well worth the flat fee for the week. We're now 4* Mariners so have free laundry which, for us, is the best benefit of all.
  5. Host Anne - Thank you for sharing this sad news and for telling us a bit about Walt as a person. Sincere condolences to you and to his family who read the CC community's expressions of sympathy. It is easy to overlook the work that the CC Monitors do here so please accept my thanks for the work that you do here as well. Although I did not know Walt, I will miss his presence here.
  6. Just to clarify, 3* does not get you Priority Boarding, but booking a Neptune Suite, does. Once you reach 4*, you will receive Priority Boarding for any cabin booked.
  7. If you're considering one of HAL's "Land/Sea" Alaska trips, you will receive double Mariner points for the land portion as well as the cruise portion if you book a suite. We booked a Signature Suite for their longest Land/Sea combination a couple of years ago and received double points for the entire 20 day trip even though the cruise portion was only 7 days.
  8. Wishing you a fabulous cruise, Ruth!
  9. Included in our experience on several HAL ships under the QBP.
  10. This is what I was going to suggest - spend the $400 on a Retreat Cabana rather than the balcony.
  11. That was our experience as well - went very smoothly with no waiting. We had signed up for it and were in our cabin and ready to go the moment that our group was called. Off the ship very quickly. Normally, we like to take advantage of the "Luggage Direct" program (Port Everglades/FLL) but our flight was a tad too early to qualify, so we elected to self-disembark and it worked beautifully in our case. (This was Oosterdam in January of this year.)
  12. We used the self-disembarkation for the first time in January, as we had an earlier flight than usual. Worked beautifully.
  13. Yes - the two "MAX" planes that have crashed. After reading what the two professional pilots have posted here, that's enough for me to make up my mind.
  14. I really appreciate hearing from the two experienced pilots who have posted here. Thank you.
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