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  1. Do we count our maiden name as a alias name. it asks if you were known by other names. I don’t want to fill it out wrong
  2. I am from Canada. Princess sent it to me.
  3. Do we need a ETA or visa to visit Australia
  4. Does anyone know if I can get a tour once I get there. You can get it online but what if we don’t get off the ship on time. Plus it double the price on princess.
  5. I looked at the tour ,it looks great. i just wondering if I can just get the tour off shore. thank you so much. It’s double the price through princess
  6. Thanks , the cruise does offer this tour but it’s double the price.. i wonder if it’s the same tour company.
  7. Thanks how far are we from “the boat hub, next to the jet skis. this tour looks great. we are a tender ,so I am not sure how far it is.
  8. I also dock at Airlie beach. Are there turtle excursion you can book once you arrive there.
  9. I am going to the aquarium. Where can u see turtles. Can u see them from Airlie beach. Plus will there we tour available to buy once we arrive there
  10. I going to Airlie beach ,Port Douglas, Brisbane , Cairns and Sydney and New Zealand. Hobart , Port Arthur. Are there any glass bottom boats. I like look to see under water but can’t snorkel. Can u just walk off any port and see tour available at the dock. Any tour suggestions appreciated, I like to see nature and wild life. Thank you
  11. I would like to go to a beach. Can u see any turtles in syndey.
  12. Does anyone know if we can get a turtle cruise from Airlie beach. I looked princess has a tour for $119. Then I saw another company Leezair fo r $54 Canadian . I know in other ports I could just walk off the pier and find a tour. . Is it a far walk or are there turtle tours up close. We I see turtles from the beach. Thank you.
  13. Where do u shop for souvenir in Sydney. Is there a market. Just looking for kaola bears or stuff for kids
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