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  1. How many English speaker passengers were on the boat. I noticed 170 German passengers but how many total people were on this particular cruise?
  2. Toilet paper at our Safeway was just refreshed and gone quickly. Let us not forget the past.
  3. I saw a new article about this ship and the top Berlitz rating. It looks like the closest expedition ship rating is 286 Berlitz point below Inspiration. That is impressive. My question is about the pool area. I noticed the roof is flexible but in the pictures the sides look open or free air. Is this right on does it actually seal off the area from wind and rain? Here is the write-up. https://www.travelagentcentral.com/cruises/luxury-meets-adventure-top-10-spaces-hanseatic-inspiration Pool Picture
  4. Did anyone find out how of the 930 people on board are doing the full 245 Day World cruise and not segments?
  5. I can see when booking a cruise on Europa 2 it is our responsibility to set up my airlines but is there normally a goto hotel at the start city that most stay a day or so before the cruise. Do they have a representative in this hotel for help? Is transportation from the hotel to the ship included? Is transportation from the airport to hotel on our own or not? I get the feeling for a US customer there is no HL insurance policy offed. What percentage of the trip cost do you calculate the insurance cost on Europa 2 and which companies do some of you use?
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