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  1. Yes, we are doing Perfect Day in 11/2020 too!!! Can't wait for it:)
  2. Thanks everyone! We are so torn. We have only done Oasis and to be honest we didn't really love the Mega ships. We love the Freedom Class ships and (Adventure/Navigator Size). I am leaning towards Allure b/c I love that it goes to both Labadee and Perfect Day. We also have thrown in Oasis which is a 4 day going to Cozumel that week...have them all on hold with our TA for the next few days while we think it through. The pluses for Freedom is we love her (one of our fave ships) and Cape Liberty is a 90 minute drive home so with three kids that is a bonus but an over night in Bermuda seems pretty lame with the kids.
  3. For may 2021...allure 6 day going to labadee, Falmouth, and perfect day. Freedom repositioning..from San Jaun to New York with a night stay over in Bermuda. both ships will be amplified. Both are within 50 dollars of each other... flights both way for allure only one way for freedom. The sailing is for me my hubby and 3 kids...11, 9, and 5 at time of sailing! thanks:)
  4. Yes on Grandeur..Baltimore is only 1.5 hours for us...no plane tickets for us either and we booked way back in august for this so our price is AMAZING....its over 1500 more now...so book ASAP!!
  5. We have a KSF sailing over Thanksgiving next year b/c it is an 8 day cruise that leaves the day before the thanksgiving black out sale...we are in a full suite for an amazing deal...so yes KSF is the real deal...but there are blackout dates!
  6. Yes, we were on Adventure on the 12/1 sailing and we left and returned to 29..allure also set sail the same day as we did but came back a day later b/c our sailing was a 6 day. HTH
  7. We were on this cruise too and it was excellent..so bummed i missed the martini class I forgot all about wanting to do it once i was on board! We saw the Switch Band on the formal night and Friday night. I guess we were lucky and got a seat on their second set!!! They were amazing..Hypnotist was hilarious..we were at the 9pm show...Our junior suite on deck 11 was AMAZING...can't beat the location of being 10 steps to the solarium!
  8. We find the best time to book with KSF is with the WOW sale...with TA OBC and the WOW OBC we usually get around 500 OBC and a 7 day cruise for 5 is about 2200-2500.
  9. I am on the 12/1 sailing so I can post stuff when I return! 10 days and counting!!
  10. Yes, I am right there with you adding the 3rd kid if under 4 in a room that usually sleeps 4....We got an unbelievable fare on the last navigator sailing in April to ABC...we added our 2 almost three year old to our quad room and he just slept in bed for with us...yes it was a tight squeeze for 5 of us in an interior..but hey a day on a cruise is better than any day at home!! We have use the pack and play before on other sailings and they do provide linen per se but it is honestly just a regular flat sheet folded..so yes we brought our own pack and play sheets. The Family Ocean Views are great for larger families...and we always save a bundle with KSF.
  11. Wait until there is a kids sail free...it is honestly the only true sale that Royal gives...we get great prices by booking a year out in advance with kids sail free!
  12. We were on navigator in April and they measured my 7 year old like everytime he went..after a couple days the crew recognized him and stopped measuring him. He was 48.5 inches....I am worried for my 3 year old b/c he is 41 inches and the small slide in the splash away bay on Adventure has a 42 inch rule but I am hoping they are a little more lax b/c it is a tiny slide in the middle of the deck, but who knows!!
  13. We always cruise first week in December. Price is great and it is my daughter's bday. We did Freedom Southern last year and i it was great. We are doing Adventure Western this year....can't beat the price and the weather the first week of December!
  14. The only sales I think that honestly save your money is if you have kids and can take advantage of the Kids Sails Free. We also like the Wow Sale which gives you 300 OBC if you book a suite. We usually always book during this sale b.c it usually happens with a KSF.
  15. We are in the VO...we stayed in this room on enchantment and had no issue but that was a warm water cruise. Thanks Tee Rick...we may stay down the thursday night bc some hotels offer free parking with your stay but I am glad to hear we could do it same day without issue.
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