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  1. No skipper & Gilligan or Ginger is she still alive ? We were on a 48 foot ketch, and we called into Willis after an amateur radio operation out on Mellish reef, I had been violently sea sick and was so glad to get on land, we stayed for about 3 days and the weather crew looked after us very well, their freezer had just broken down and the steaks and ice cream were defrosting, our stay was prearranged , I took some beer and roll your own tobacco for one of the techs there, he drank the beer and smoked all the tobacco before we left, before we got there he had been going around the Island picking up all his old butts to make a smoke. There were four weather crew, we joined in some of their activities such as launching the balloons, interesting stay for us, they reduced the stay for the crew down to 6 months, used to be 12 months but the blokes were going tropo.
  2. I stayed on Willis for a few days back in 1982,
  3. We are booked for this Saturday 16th aboard the Legend , I have just discovered that tropical cyclone "Oma" is right over Vanuatu and then set to slam into New Caledonia, and then hang around the area for about ten days, the Legend will be sailing right into this damn cyclone, so I am very seriously considering cancelling our cruise , I've sailed in 6 metre seas and was very unwell , who knows what this damn cyclone will throw up.
  4. I had a very close look at Caribbean cruises last year , lots of pros and cons from Australia, they are very cheap cruises but short, you should probably look at doing a back to back , and stay a few extra days after the cruise to rest up for the flight home or stop in Hawaii.
  5. Hi Thanks for reply so quick, I have googled social media group Cruise PNG but got 600,000 hits could you give me a clue thanks. Well on Kitava and Kiriwina I gave out heaps of pens, pencils, tennis balls, fish hooks and sand paper to the kids and carvers and fisher men. And a bunch of books to schools, I met an elderly gentleman on Kirawina who claimed his group tried to help everybody, so I have his address and have sent him a few things, just hope he is fair dinkum.. One thing the natives have to understand is not to pester the cruisers when we are on the beach just looking for a bit of private time, the same people just kept pestering us to buy stuff. I even tried to pay them to leave us alone, I tried very hard to be polite , but they just would not leave us alone. I was considering doing another cruise to PNG, but the pestering really bothered me
  6. exkiap you seem to know a bit about the reselling of our donations, what else can you tell us, as I would be most ANNOYED if that was the case
  7. Cruzin to PNG and was wondering if anybody would have any PNG money they would like to swap ?, mainly looking for coins to give to the school kids, but notes are ok to. Dont really want to purchase hundreds of dollars through the banks, as this is a one time trip. Can do paypal for postage etc. Thanks
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