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  1. Looks like Ventura made it today, fingers crossed for us next Thursday looking forward to exploring. Managed to dock there a couple of years ago on Oriana in the summer and we had torrential rain all day.
  2. Just been looking at the Port of Ijmuiden and if all else fails on the second day a walk along the beach and then lunch in what looks like a pretty good seafood reasturant in the town. That is if we can get off the ship 😜
  3. I agree you shouldn’t have to.I Have cruised with P&O a few times and can not imagine if you are in que for their own shuttles back to the ship they would go with out you. As long as people are waiting for the shuttle before the deadline time they will get you back. Same with the tenders. But agree it’s a shame you feel you have to book an excursion with them just for ease of getting back to ship. Do we know what times we are due in and out of Amsterdam yet?
  4. I am going this week on Friday, hopefully they will have learnt some lessons from the first cruise. I can see Amsterdam being taken of the itineraries altogether. I think I am going to adopt the attitude to go with the flow and see what happens.
  5. Think P&O require a minimum of six months for the CP to release your boarding pass. Roll on the 12th April need a cruise 👍
  6. I like the idea of the magical mystery cruise. Or worst case scenario 7 nights bobbing about the English Chanel. 🙄
  7. Did anyone on the Azura cruise last weekend make it to Haarlem via public transport. Wondering how do able it is if the shuttle bus trouble continues.
  8. Hi, I am due to embark on Ventura on the 12th April, off to Amsterdam and Brugge, I am wondering after today's Brexit news/inaction if we have a no deal and leave on the 12th will this impact us. Not sure if it's been covered and not looking to start a huge Brexit debate just wondering if P&O have a contingency for this. Anyone else on the cruise?
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