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  1. thanks for sharing that. We are boarding the Adventure on Saturday. We got that email, but just thought that was routine.
  2. first time cruising with RCL and I took a picture of the extra passport photos I had from that process and submitted them. But if others are saying they take new new ones regardless, then oh well. Haha
  3. We were thinking of bringing our own. Did you find anywhere to assist you in blowing them up or did you do it yourselves?
  4. Do you think if we brought our own float there would be access to a place to blow it up on the island or would that be a bad idea? TIA
  5. Thank you both very much! Thats exactly the information and reassurance I was looking for. 🙂 Sounds like a plan! Thank you!
  6. Hey fellow cruisers. One late evening I found a post about guests going to Mullet beach for the day and then being able to walk over to Maho to see the planes and taxi back to the ship. Could anyone help me understand the process and time commitment for that plan? I cant for the life of me find this post again nor anything like it. It could just be me, but I thought I would post again regardless. I am under the impression there will be FOUR ships docked the day our cruise is there. Has anyone ever done this? We are looking for a nice, family friendly beach for sometime but also want to experience the planes landing. Any other recommendations? TIA
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