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  1. I’m glad to hear there’s a good mix of ages onboard & that there are things in place to entertain us 40 somethings! Fingers crossed it stays like that for our next cruise. We seen the Queen tribute onboard Indy & thoroughly enjoyed them. I always liked the atmosphere on Aurora & was concerned that would change. Thanks for putting my mind at ease. Won’t bother taking the travel scrabble now!!
  2. Sorry to drag you away from the washing! We are back on Aurora in November & have cruised on her twice as a family ship which we enjoyed. We also cruised on Oriana which was adults only as Aurora is now. On Oriana we found the entertainment was only orientated towards the very senior cruisers, nothing more up to date than the 60s. Did you find this was the case on your cruise or have they kept it a little more up to date like Aurora used to be?
  3. Sorry i didn’t know there was a time limit on replying to posts??
  4. I really hope so too and I can’t imagine Cunard would ignore it. We are doing the BTB also. The return journey could prove to be interesting having the Olivier Awards onboard.
  5. Not sure if anyone else has seen the news that the May Day Bank holiday in 2020 has been put back from the Monday to the Friday to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day so the whole on the British Isles can celebrate. We will be onboard QM2 on route to New York that day so does anyone think or know if Cunard will be doing something onboard to honour VE Day aswell?
  6. Found a couple of my food pictures, the 1st is of the desserts in the buffet & the 2nd is of the fish & chips in the Golden Lion. The pub lunches are delicious but you need to get in there either early or near the end of the serving time to get a table.
  7. I can safely say I didn’t have a single bad or even mediocre meal onboard QM2. All the food was lovely & the meals, especially desserts, in the main dining room were scrummy! The only niggle I have, & its not unique to Cunard its been the same on every ship I have been on, is the complimentary coffee is always average at best. The service was also fantastic. Wish I was onboard right now 🍰🍨🍮
  8. The coffee sold onboard isn’t as good as going to a Costa cafe but it’s a lot better than the other coffee served that is complimentary, I always take my own with me. As regarding the cakes you must have the Victoria sandwich if it’s available, it is worth buying the coffee for on its own. I think that’s why I always return a good few pound heavier than when I arrived!
  9. Get yourself on Oriana, every night & day is a thirties experience - 1830s 😪
  10. Please let this be true! After having been on P&O ships where the most recent entertainment reached the 1960s this would be fantastic. On an Aurora cruise we suggested 80s music be played in one of the lounges which up until that point had no takers on the dance floor at all. As soon as Relax by FGTH came on, the dance floor was heaving & the lounge, for once, was buzzing! Not everyone onboard, including the more senior passengers, wants to be stuck back on in the 1930s!
  11. How can you say that my experience was totally untrue? Unless you were onboard the same cruise that I was you wouldn’t know. You had a different experience to me but you were obviously weren’t on the ship the same time I was.
  12. We were very much the minority & it can’t have been a one off for Oriana because on a following cruise on Azura another comedian, Mike Doyle, described Oriana exactly the way had experienced it. This is why I worry that Aurora will now be the new Oriana.
  13. I’m in my 40s and when you have been on an adult only ship and the comedian says to you his act must have been like a history lesson to you, I think that sums up what age group the entertainment was aimed at! Even an occasional break into 70s music would have been refreshing but there was nothing at all to entertain 40 somethings let alone anyone younger. I don’t want screaming kids or rowdy teens roaming around but having some well behaved youngsters would have been like a breath of fresh air. It was actually quite depressing.
  14. I liked Oriana as a ship, what I didn’t like was that it was an “adults only” ship which in reality means adults over the age of 65. Fine, if the most modern music you like is from the 50s and you enjoy listening to people snore whilst in the theatre. I’ve had many cruises on Aurora which always had a good mix of ages, now I fear the worst.
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