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  1. My next one is in September—without kids 😱—for my husband’s 50th birthday. I can’t wait! On our two cruises with the kids so far, we immediately realized we needed to take one just the two of us, because the kids were way lazier and much less fun than us! Hahaha
  2. Following! We will be on Freedom from San Juan in September, and my daughter has celiac! I remember you also asked some questions in a previous post about our excursion in St Kitts when we cruised in February—curious if you are going on the excursion on your cruise. It’s My Islands Tours by Javin. Looking forward to this review!
  3. I’m so sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy this excursion as much as we did! I feel bad because I suggested the excursion! We had a very different experience. We didn’t find any of it strenuous—we enjoyed all the physical parts of the day. We also didn’t experience any of the crowds you did. Maybe because we were there during Presidents week and not Spring Break. The beach was fairly empty when we were there, and we only had 9 people total on the excursion. The only part of your day that was the same for us was Javin leaving the water and shore before we were all out of the water. I didn’t like that either. But other than that, we had a fantastic day. So sorry it wasn’t the same for you!
  4. Hi! Yes you just download all the photos for free. We really liked this feature of the excursion. We got some great shots of our family that we would never have had otherwise. I’m sorry to hear you found the hike and swim strenuous! Hopefully not so much that it put a damper on your day.
  5. Following. Excited to read this since we will be on Freedom in September!
  6. Yes I think your 4.5 year old would be just fine. All kids are different, but knowing my kids at that age, they would be fine.
  7. I don’t recall the water dropping off fast. I’m sure one of you could stay in shallower water with him, yes. There isn’t a sandy beach at the snorkeling site—it’s all rocks.
  8. Hey Gatordad! I see you are taking another cruise, so your cruise last year must have been a success celiac-wise! (I didn’t go back on cruise critic after our sailing last year, so if you did a review I missed it.) We just did another cruise as well over February break on Adventure, and it was another 5 star gluten free success! Have fun on Allure!
  9. You can book through his website. Just google My Island Tours by Javin and you should find it easily. Have fun!
  10. Following along—someday we will make it on Symphony! My kids are similar ages to yours, so I’m looking forward to reading your experience on the ship.
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