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  1. At this point, our sailing is still running. However, we cancelled (via our travel agent) two weeks ago. We just haven't received any money on our credit card yet. We had paid our final payment, but cancelled early enough that the cancellation fee is only the deposit.
  2. Does anyone have any recent experience on MSC refund timelines for cruises booked with MSC Canada? My travel agent cancelled our May 2020 cruise on March 4. I received 9 copies of the email cancelling my Cirque tickets, but neither the cruise refund nor the Cirque ticket refund have posted to my credit card yet. Based on the date I cancelled, I am entitled to everything except my deposit back. I need the refunds to go through before I do my cancellation insurance claim. I've received refunds for everything else on my trip (Air Canada, Air France, Disneyland Paris, SNCF, 3 private t
  3. I cancelled 9 days ago. I am supposed to be reimbursed for everything except the deposit, and I need confirmation of their refund amount before I do my travel cancellation insurance claim. I received 9 copies of the email for the cancel/refund of my Cirque tickets, but nothing on my credit card for that or the cruise payment yet.
  4. My sail date for a Mediterranean cruise is May 9th -- we have decided to cancel while the cancellation penalty was only $400 CAD. We do have trip cancellation insurance that has a travel advisory as a covered reason, our cruise had Genoa as a stop, and there is a current Canadian travel advisory that covers Genoa. I'm hoping our cancellation insurance will cover the $400.
  5. Sorry I didn't word it perfectly -- I meant the symptoms from the virus are mild in many/most people.
  6. Has there been any other instances of testing large groups of people that were likely exposed and are asymptomatic? How many of the people on the ship that tested positive actually have symptoms? It may be that this virus is mild in many/most people and these cases are usually not identified as the people are not tested. If this is true, the plus side would be that the mortality rate is much lower than the current numbers suggest.
  7. Has anyone used "Italy Tours for Kids"? We are thinking of booking their Pompeii tour, but I would love to hear some feedback if anyone has used them. Our kids will be 7 and 9 at the time of our trip.
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