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  1. We just got back this morning from Britannia (2 couples) and we had the package. Overall we are pretty certain we saved money doing it that way. The double thing or large wine is a bit frustrating as it comes under £6.95 so we had to order a single and then almost immediately order a shot to go with it. They did not enforce the 15 minute rule or the 15 drink so it worked but can't help feel it adds to the waiter's work more than necessary
  2. We are about to travel on the Britannia and will be doing the package. We must be heavy drinkers as the 15 drinks limit could actually slow us down!! 😂 Wonder how strict they'll be, particularly with the idea that you aren't allowed a double gin or vodka as one drink. Anyhow for us, notwithstanding the fact that we are quite 'capable' drinkers we like the fact that we know exactly how much our bill will be. It adds to the enjoyment for us, knowing that it is all done and dusted. That is worth a premium in our eyes
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