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  1. Just got off the jewel. Restaurants were great. At Cagney we had so much food. App, salad, steak and 5 sides plus dessert. I couldn’t decide on my sides so waiter brought them all. Second visit we cut way back. Shared an app, got smaller steaks.
  2. Just got off the jewel. Plenty of seafood and fish on the menus. The East west wine blend was $9 a glass
  3. Just pointing out that most people don’t eat at home like they do on cruise ships.
  4. Menu looks better than what I have in my kitchen at home for lunch.
  5. I get that we all have a poor experience once in awhile. I just think when you say you couldn’t find anything edible on a 7 day cruise that you should consider increasing your budget and move on up to a luxury cruise. the old days of small ship cruising, lobster and pampering are gone from ncl, Royal and carnival. They cater to a crowd that wants a low cost vacation. im glad I had an opportunity to cruise on those old ships that pampered me. I just can’t see continuing to cruise and then complain that it isn’t like the good ole days. happy cruising to everyone.
  6. Cracks me up that there are posts about what a great deal a cruise was booked for and then there are posts about declining food and services. Typical of us to want everything at the lowest price possible but at the highest level of quality. Let’s face it we can’t have it both ways. I have travelled the world and have learned that focusing on the positive and ignoring the few negatives is the best way to go. Enjoy the journey and be thankful that you are one of the few In This world that can afford to travel
  7. On domestic flights they book 60 days out. On international it is 45 days out. We did pay extra for more leg room seats but my husband is very tall. You do that through the airline directly.
  8. Thanks for advice. Did you go through airline to do that
  9. Gotta admit I was a little panicky about what flights we would get through NCL for our trip to New Zealand. NCL came through with great flights. Minimal layovers. It is a long enough flight around the world without getting crummy times. I would have picked these flights myself. Now if I can only get through to Qantas to find out how I can choose seats.
  10. I went through NCL. They had assigned a rep to us when we booked and I called him directly. He was great.
  11. I was pleasantly surprised because the mini suite current price had all the upgrades but not reduced air. We kept the upgrades and reduced air plus got the mini suite for the same price as our balcony. Cruise is full paid and 47 days out
  12. We were in a balcony and I put a bid in to upgrade to a mini suite. last night I noticed that the mini suite was being offered at the same cost as my balcony. I called my NCL representative and he called me back and upgraded us for free. That’s good customer service
  13. We are booked on the dec 11 jewel. We dock Sydney at 6 am and stay onboard for the night. Only tender port is akoroa
  14. I will be doing lots of research on the boards but it anyone has any suggestions for sailing on the Jewel with Australia/New Zealand as our destination it would be greatly appreciated.
  15. thanks for all the input. I gave him two choices and he decided 11 day Australia New Zealand cruise was the best option. We are recently retired. Did that plane ride to Asia a couple of years ago and it is a killer. We decided that we'd rather do it again while we are younger. South America will have to wait - maybe next year?
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