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  1. In Southampton the Premier Inn West Quay is a good place to stay. It is very reasonable and clean. It’s also in a good location with the West Quay shopping mall just across the street. And it’s close to the port. There is more than one Premier Inn in Southampton but this one is in the best location. It also has air-conditioning which you may or may not need and a restaurant.
  2. On the Royal there is usually a sign-up sheet for the royal tea in the piazza on deck 5. Look for it near the entrance to the raised area near the international cafe. Or just ask someone at the international cafe and they will tell you how you can sign up for the tea.
  3. Thank you, Numtini, for the terrific, detailed information.
  4. I’m assuming from this thread that shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel are provided in Disney cruise ship cabins. Is there any kind of lotion available? And are there hairdryers in the cabins?
  5. Thank you, GatorMom. This was extremely helpful.
  6. I keep coming up with more questions as we get closer to our cruise. Since we’re going on a five day cruise and then going to Disney World for another five days we’re trying to figure out how to limit luggage. Does anyone know if there is anyway we can do laundry on the ship? We will be on the Disney Magic. Also are there any laundry facilities in the resort at Disney World? If you book shore excursions for the cruise now when do you pay for them? My experience is all on Princess and it’s only recently that you had to pay for their tours before the cruise. And I couldn’t find any information about cancellations of shore excursions on the Disney website so if you book now and pay now and then cancel do you get a refund? Thanks to to anyone who can answer my questions.
  7. I hope someone will be able to provide an answer here. Our kids made the reservations for us and have us flying into Fort Lauderdale rather than Miami so we’re trying to figure out the easiest way to get from Fort Lauderdale to the cruise ship.
  8. Don’t let the above scare you off. I have done the chef’s table at least 4 times and always alone. No one has ever even mentioned finding a dining partner to me. In fact sometimes I think being alone makes it easier if they have a lot of people signing up because they will squeeze one person in where they couldn’t do it for two. I also have a shellfish allergy and it has always been accommodated.
  9. It happened to me a few months ago. When I called Princess the woman I talked to seemed to know all about it. She made it seem as if it was normal and should be that way. Anyway she told me to look in my travel summary and it would be there and it was. I don’t remember it ever showing up again in the Personalizer but it was in the travel summary and I had no trouble on the ship.
  10. They usually have everyone meet in one place about 6:45 and start around 7 PM.
  11. On the Royal last fall there was a specific time listed in the Patter when you could go to the atrium and sign up for the escape room. There was a pretty big crowd of people there to sign up and I think only about 30 to 40 people could do it. It was fun and I hope Princess keeps it too.
  12. Anyone know the times of early and late dining on the Magic?
  13. If you are traveling alone is the specialty dinner coupon worth anything?
  14. What months in 2020 are you looking for? I just looked at the Princess side and Caribbean cruises for the first six months of 2020 or available now.
  15. My TA was not successful in getting my two cruises transferred when she first tried. She told me to call Princess and Princess turned me down. I asked to speak with a supervisor in customer relations. That person asked who I wanted to transfer the bookings to. Then she told me she would make an exception because it was a travel agent I had booked through before. She emailed me the transforms which I had to fill out and sign before the transfer could be completed. I emailed them back that night and the bookings were transferred by noon the next day.
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