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  1. No change for us,we'llbe flying into Sydney Australia on the 17th March and cruising back to Vancouver on the Noordam.My wife startedvher packing routine today, she'll repepack a tleast five times before we leave. It's become a routine for her and part of the anticipation of the cruise.
  2. Everyone it seems is hanging their hats on 14 days. I wouldn't take that to the bank just yet. I have seen no data on the virus's ability to survive outside of a human host. Think of west nile. Containment in todays world of travel is a delusion.
  3. Had lots of similar problems, one cruise in particular, 56 days on the westerdam from Vanvouver to Singapore in tne fall of 2017, just one problem after another with all our prepurchased, dinners/drinks/trips. Apparently the systems did not update correctly at the start of the cruise. I had hard paper copies and electronic copies of all the purchased vitems and got tired of producing them. Being in a Neptune with the concierge service was helpful, I would otherwise have spent hours at the guest services counter or on the phone.We no longer prepurchse anything and never will again. The staff on board are fantastic, the IT people who do not have to interface directly with customers are a disaster as far as we are concerned, and the whole debacle was front and center on our post cruise review to HAL I personally see more and more issues in everyday life related to attrocioius quality assurance practices in the software industry. Since the inception it's an industry sector that has consistently over promised and grossly underdelivered with no to minimal liability consquences. toungue in cheek the attached video is probably from the company that supplies IT services to HAL VID-20180123-WA0002.mp4
  4. sumo citrus said 3. Again, who cares? It floats, doesn't it? I am no more concerned with an azipod than I am with the toilet flush mechanism in the Crows Nest head. Now that is an important point, the next washrooms are quite a hike from the crows nest and there's nothing worse than a sudden onset "travellers gut" and a none functioning washroom with the inevitible yellow tape or cone blocking the access. It's the kind of situation that was the inspiration for the Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks sketch.
  5. Start looking for your next fix. We know the feeling, we're about 9 weeks away from flying to Sydney to cruise back to Vancouver. knowing that my wife will go through serious withdrawal whan we get back to Canada I've already booked the next cruise for 2021. You do have to accept that cruising is an addiction!!! If you have offspring, you can start thinking about how to tell them that the inheritance may be a bit smaller than they were hoping for.
  6. We have done it twice on the Zaandam. Fabulous is a much abused word but we think the south america cruise is just that especially if you are interested in the history, culture and archeaology of countries visited. The scenery around Patagonia is Alaska on steriods and the desert of the northern coastal regions has it's own stark beauty. We also liked the balance between port and sea days. In the Falklands the penguins are the big attraction, we did the Bluff cove trip on both our visits, it was default the second time as we didn't book until on board ans the other trip to see Rock Hopper Penguins was sold out. Bluff Covex was just as much fun the second time since there were several one year old baby kIngs still in their fur coat stage. Enjoy
  7. We did the re-positioing from Auckland to Vancouver in the spring of 2017 and we are repeating it this spring .Several tours we did in 2017 we will repeatif time permits, The HOHO bus in Auckland, done before we boarded in 2017. The Museum is well worth a visit. In Hobart we visited the bonorang wildlife conservatory where hand feeding the free roaming Kangaroos was my wifes highlight of the whole cruise, unfortunately Hobart is not on the itinerary for this years repositioning. Akaroa is a beautiful spot and we did a boat tour to see the small dolphins that are only found only there, walking afterwards along the shore and having fish and chips. The lanarch castle visit is all about a facinating but tragic family story, beautiful place but with a somewhat dark unhappy history.
  8. Thanks for that, grabbed a bottle for our next cruise, vodka is simply ethanol and water never mind what the distillers hype might claim Those price increases sure are steep.
  9. Hope you had a great time. Your photograph of the russian sub reminded me of our second ever cruise and the first with HAL, it was the Veendam from San Diego in 2013. We arrived two days before the boarding date and really enjoyed walking around San DIego, when I saw that Sub I just had to crawl through it. The only problem was that I was still in the recovery phase from a painful two years of PMR, something that I blame on my northern european ancestry. I did manage, just, to get through the sub compartmental watertight bulkheads by wriggling through on my stomach, my wife was laughing fit to bust as I floundered around like a beached whale on the deck as I tried to become bipedal again. I didn't sleep much that night until I had taken way more Tylenol than was good for my liver.
  10. Darn right, you did I don't know if they still teach mental arithmetic at school but the look of surprise on some young peoples faces when confronted with mental calculations that are faster than they can pull out their cell phone calculator is amusing. Learned mine in my junior school. The last lesson on Friday was math with the last twenty minutes being mental arithmetic, the first one to have their hand up with the correct answer to a verbally posed question could leave school immediately.
  11. Hey Miss G no apologies necessary. I just cannot lose the habits of a lifetime. Mike
  12. your math is incorrect HAL should be 8.56
  13. We love the Zaandam, our first cruise on the ship was in the fall of 2017 from Vancouver to Rio de Janeiro. We enjoyed that cruise so much we did a repeat last fall ,2018, we started in Montreal and we did a B2B continuing on through the Panama Canal and round to Rio again. The ship had undergone a drydock between those two cruises and was in good shape, for us we find the crew "happy" on all HAL ships but the Zaandam just seem to be happier. The happy hours in the Ocean Bar and the quartet with the dance floor later in the evening make it our favorite space. The food in the MDR, Canaletto and the Pinnacle grill were all great. Mainstage Entertainment was hit and miss, so,so, but then that not not something that we cruise for. The scenery around the Horn, through the inside passage and glacier alley are hard to beat. Enjoy.
  14. Math is your best friend, propulsion power is opposed by drag , for turbulent flow which is applicable, the drag is proportional to speed squared. Using dimensionless ratios one azipod should easily attain 15 knots even allowing for the asymmetrical thrust. basis as follows top speed 24 knots, the square root of 24 is about 4.9 which equates to the thrust from two azipods. the presently demonstrated speed is 15 knots, the square root of 15 is about 2.3 which is less than 50% of the equivalenced thrust from two azipods at a nominal 2.5 I still prefer a slide rule over computers or calculators.
  15. exactly what I do. I also love fresh roast pork in a sandwich, even better if there is a side of crisp crackling!!!
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