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  1. I was very much looking forward to this experience but ended up walking away disappointed. The presentation of actual food was not timed with the show (and in one course we had to actually move our dirty plate to a different table so we could see the next animation). It was absolutely cute and the food was good (not great....like murano!) but was not a value at $40 a person in my opinion.
  2. I was just told by the pre cruise concierge that monogrammed robes are not being offered on the summit. We sail next week.
  3. We just got off the trans atlantic Edge. The Elite cocktail hour is held in the club. There are hors d'oeuvres passed. However, we thought the best benefit was the ability to get a "good" seat for the 7.15pm show. There are also unlimited drinks from the captain's club cocktail menu from 5-7pm in most bars (does not include Magic Carpet).
  4. We are also interested in the responses to this query.
  5. Adding my two cents... despite food being subjective. As a bit of background, I'm a young professional who lives in a larger city with many restaurant options. My preference is farm to table restaurants with craft cocktails :) My husband and I consider ourselves foodies and have dined at Michelin starred restaurants all over the world. We do not cruise for food but for the overall experience. None of our meals on any cruise line compare to a Michelin restaurant. However, we never expect them too. At best, they may compare to a land based restaurant. Below would be our categorization of service. We dinned in each of these venues in December of 2018. MDR = Wedding Banquet Food with Mediocre Service Tuscan Grille = Olive Garden Quality with Great Service Murano = Land based Restaurant Quality and Great Service (would eat here every night) Qsine = Trendy Restaurant with Applebee's quality and Mediocre Service Luminae = 50% land based restaurant quality 50% applebee's with FABULOUS service Like many have said... food is extremely subjective. I've tired to provide my background and a fair (but honest) assessment.
  6. Hello! I'm wondering if Celebrity ever unassigns or switches your cabin assignment when booked in a guarantee. Has anyone every experienced this? My parents are assigned in a guarantee cabin for a cruise in December 2019. I was surprised to see that they've been assigned to a cabin already and in a very desirable cabin with a larger than normal balcony! I'm trying to assess what the chances of them getting reassigned are and trying to understand why Celebrity would assign guarantee cabins so far out. They could have held out longer and potentially captured more revenue for this desirable cabin. Thanks in advance!
  7. Does this work with any of the big online TA’s and the OBC you receive from them?
  8. Is the retreat sundeck open for lunch while in port. We’ll be on the summit I’m December. Hoping to try out the lunch but only have one sea day. Thanks in advance!
  9. I'm onboard in December and am also interested. I'm excited to try LPC but am concerned about the lack of specialty dining on M class.
  10. I agree. The world class bar just isn't the same. Bring back the dry ice drinks!!
  11. I'm trying to understand what premium suite amenities (penthouse and royal suite) we can expect on a revolutionized ship. We're familiar with the old benefits having sailed on an S class in February and an M class in December (both royal suites). I'm aware that the biggest change post revolution is the retreat sundeck. What about peloton bikes, were those added? They mention premium chocolates at turndown. Are these different than the chocolates we've had in the past? I noticed that some peoples reviews show monogrammed robes. After searching the internet, this only seems to be a stated benefit in the royal suite on the new Flora ship. Anything else that is new on the revolutionized ships? Thanks in advance for your answers!
  12. Thank you for the review and pictures. The dinner looks like a fabulous time!!!
  13. A bit off topic but worth noting... unfortunately, we've also had disappointing experiences with Cali (but on a different ship). There was a lack of follow through and she would tend to make excuses for things (or get defensive) instead of attempting to resolve them.
  14. Chip was our butler when we were in a Royal Suite right before christmas. He truly made our trip extra special! Glad to here he is doing the same for you!!!
  15. We just got off the Summit on 12/22. The spa confirmed that port pricing will be going away.
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