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  1. We have done this tour with Native Choice as well and can also recommend it over similar ship excursions.
  2. Yep, saw the huge cake in Windjammer for the first time on Navigator in February..it was very good.
  3. We enjoyed our visit to this museum about 3 years ago. There was much to learn about the native Mayans in the area. Just at the next corner is the original Pancho's Backyard, a terrific authentic Mexican restaurant with both an air conditioned area and a gorgeous outdoor covered backyard patio with live music at lunch and dinner. Super margaritas! We have been going for many years. Also there is Cinco Soles, an excellent store for local artwork, food, tequila, clothing, jewelry etc. You cannot get a better experience than these two places.
  4. Yes, including a family one for our 50 th anniversary. But 5 over 2 1/2 years and none too far away now. This past August’s long plane flights with huge layovers are not easy on these senior bodies anymore, so staying closer to home.
  5. You are more than welcome. We have all learned from this site for our own travels and it is good to then "pass it on" by doing the same for others. We too just finished our 3rd Alaska...all water-based this trip rather than the more inland, back country visits 20 + years ago. Some places we revisit for a variety of reasons. But there are still other spots to go visit and with age and agility changes, we are having to be a bit pickier now. But have 5 new already begun...and we shall go till we must stop. Enjoy.....
  6. Have had black Iberian pork in both Spain and Portugal and it is fantastico! Doing our first MSC in Feb on Mera and reading all this great information with much interest! Thanks
  7. We completely enjoyed our time on Empress, but will probably not do a Mississippi cruise. We are Chicagoans by birth, have traveled the northern route area extensively with family in the area, and have been to all but one of the southern route ports. Getting older and “choosier” on where we travel now. We continue to recommend the Lewis and Clark route to others and I have certainly enjoyed our interaction on this forum. Happy and safe sailings to you all!
  8. Glad to hear you enjoyed the cruise and that you got to go to Astoria and the Falls after all.
  9. And the Retreat Deck is inaccesible to many suite passengers on several ships with broken/ non- functioning mini elevators from the deck below. The regular outdoor stair access is long, twisty, and a hard climb for many older folks. Many have reported the area is poorly used on most ships for all of these reason posted on this thread. What a waste!
  10. Some more comfortable chairs than the ones in the Suite Lounge on Millenium in late August. Hopefully, they will replace those on Millenium as well,and more people will then make use of it. We did enjoy many of the little bites and snacks there, such as the empanadas and the tuna also.
  11. Always carry it...both bee allergic and any biting critter worth its salt finds me. Never needed it, but we were traveling in June. Cool enough to wear long pants, etc. But does not hurt to carry a small one.
  12. Sorry, it is their hair dryer, not mine.
  13. Recently on Millenium in a Sky Suite. There was a large round mirror over the desk, lit around the outside. However, the desk chair has large arms that prevent you from coming close to the desk and it is making gouges already on the wooden drawer. In addition, at 5'2", I could not see most of the bottom of my face unless I stood up. Additionally, even if the chair had no arms, the seat is very close to the bottom of the drawer and it is impossible to fit legs under the desk. Also our hair dryer did not fit into the plug at the desk area. So for me, the whole thing was useless. Frustrating, as I usually do hair and makeup there.
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