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  1. We have used RIL 2 or 3 times...they are GREAT!!! I have also thought to just come into Rome & stay for some time. I'd recommend though if you are coming by cruise ship to meet your group on board & come out together saves time hunting for everyone. I would never go with others--I'd be most happy to use RIL...their people AND Jany are great--Jany I think never sleeps--she is right on to everything. All their drivers & guides are very well versed on everything & are just top notch. No need to ever worry.:D
  2. Thanks I am sorry(to everyone else on this site) for butting in here also--but couldn't find the dates
  3. I am asking if this is a roll call for the April 22 2017 to Seattle May 15 2017, as I have been hunting for a roll cal & not wanting to make a 2nd one.
  4. We have used RIL 3 times & have no problems using them again if we came back into Italy, they are great to work with Jany gets everything done & contacts you--very CALM tours because they cover EVERTHING. For sure no wallets in back pockets, & I have several small bags that I have made--but similar can be bought--about 7x10 with straps to put across your body & I wear it under a jacket--the jacket according to the weather, have had no problems at all & I just wish all tours were as relaxing as RIL are. (if straps are too long--knot them at shoulder.) I am sure you will have a great tour with RIL. Just a note--I have found out that if your group meets on your ship & go off together that it speeds everything up & you are out & gone long before others
  5. We are on same as you....but down on the same level only Starboard as ChicagoPaul & Edward .. Well I TRIED to correct what I didn't remember ...LOL but couldn't delete the first post
  6. We are on same as you....but down on the same level only Starboard as Chicago guys (forgot the rest of his online name)..
  7. YES!! Let Jany get it all taken care of--we have used them 3 times for 3 cruises in Italy--I never have any doubts to use RIL..they are great. Have never had any issues with them--they are the BEST!! They will get your input as to different places to see & just really work with you.:D:D:D
  8. We have used RIL twice for different areas in Italy, EVERYONE we have had from RIL has been FANTASTIC!! I would choose them again ALWAYS.:D
  9. I hope someone answers, as I would like to know also.
  10. I just found while cleaning out a bedroom today a brand new unworn Sweatshirt that says "Love Boat"..I always loved the music playing when pulling away from the dock--so this sweatshirt is too large for me--so going to wash it & see if it will shrink up a bit & I think I will take it with me to wear on our cruise in Sept this year. (if it gets cold).:eek:
  11. I would highly recommend RIL (rome-in-limo) we used them 3 times in Italy. Everything is pretty much taken care of & any questions you have Jany is the one to ask--I think that girl lives on the computer--she is always there to answer any questions. Their drivers know almost everything--from Naples our driver sang to us on the way back. We used them for Rome-Naples & Florence, I would not hesitate to use them any time you are in Italy. You can go online & fill up your group to save money...I don't know if you said you were on a cruise or not...but when I did it--we met on board & left the ship together & it saved hunting people down off the ship--& we got right off & our driver was right there--we left & no others were even close to leaving yet. Just have a great time. Their drivers & guides are the BEST!!@!
  12. Just a comment---in the past when I have used RIL--I found it easier to meet up with your group ON the ship (find as easy place to group together)--so you can come out together & not have to find everyone amongst the crowds--if everyone meets say 15 minutes before disembarking--they have yoru name on sign--& off you go--we were ahead of everyone doing it this way. No one says you should do this--but I found it worked pretty good for us.
  13. 2 things--remember the time zone & also it is a weekend--Jany is ALWAYS good doing her job, if as someone said if Jany is still working for Duman you'll hear soon.
  14. Just wish we could go back again although I doubt we will been here 3 times. ok---we use RIL because it was so well rated & after using them--there was no need to find another tour company, as they say--don't FIX what isn't broken!! I agree having been in ship tours--buses & they cannot go within alot of the cities- it makes things a lot better & you leave the port much earlier than the buses as they are loading up. I have my group using RIL meet on the ship so we can go out together & not have any strays wandering around & then off we go on our tours. Tipping it is your choice, but we are: Some of them just think Americans are crazy : ) : ^ ) we have just learned that from the time we are almost adults, if service is good or excellent--we tip. We also like that we are small groups & treated great by our drivers & guides. Duman hires the BEST people to serve us tourists & to make sure we have a GREAT time. Now in the future we would love to come over & spend a few days in Sorrento & we would use RIL to take us there & perhaps bring us back. AND--Jany--the person who puts us all together & makes sure to answer any & ALL of our questions before we arrive. Duman has a GREAT bunch of people working for him & they all are very happy--being happy means they like their jobs...OOPS--I repeated myself on this part--but that is ok--they are GREAT.
  15. Yep saw that AFTER I wrote--I didn't realize there were 6 pages to read...OOPS.
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