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  1. Please be aware that Aria have mainly baths not showers in the cabins, so if you have mobility issues you may want to check for disabled cabins. We have been on Her several times and have to be careful getting out of the bath, more so than getting in. She also has a small theatre for movies. I think the casino is open on coastal cruises.
  2. Unfortunately we don't have much choice out of Brisbane, and with the Jewel joining the fleet later this year,we can hope for a few bargains.
  3. No! P&O give away nothing or sell cheap!
  4. If you know your cabin number, you could try this website. https://sites.google.com/site/cabinviewbyrenmar/home Just click on the relevant ship on the left side of the web page. You might be lucky to find your cabin photo.
  5. Good Luck! We have always ended up in a better category than what we paid for. Our last cruise was number 29.
  6. If the sales person said "getting a really good deal" I suspect it could be a guaranteed cabin as an allocated one would have come up on Cruise Control. That is one reason I use an online agent that has available cabins listed for you to choose from or the cheaper way is a guaranteed cabin and take pot luck at what you get. I have booked a guaranteed cabin in the lowest outside unobstructed category and received a balcony on the upper decks.
  7. If you booked a specific cabin,you would already know the cabin number, but if you booked a "guarantee" cabin, you won't be allocated a cabin until near departure date.
  8. We were on the Dawn at the end of March and in cabin 11165. NEVER AGAIN, the cabin vibrated so much it was hard to get to sleep and sitting on the toilet gave one a good massage. Walking back to our cabin one day, there was an awful smell. It turned out the drainage from the pantry kitchen was leaking into the passage way. They had buckets to catch the leakage for a while, then brought in an industrial bin to take the leak. It took them 3 days to fix the problem. We had to jam the balcony door open a bit to blow the smell from the cabin. We thought we'd treat ourselves to a mini suit, what a disaster.
  9. Very true. We had a private tour,what a disaster! The traffic was horrendous.
  10. We booked a tour with Princess last Nov-Dec cruise to NZ online and used OBC for that with no problems. We have $550 OBC on the P&O cruise of 7 days and only 2 ports,so will have to take pot luck.
  11. We are booked on the Aria in May and tried to book shore tours online. Went through the process only to find they want payment immediately. We have a big onboard credit that we would like to use for tours. We called P & O and were told that we could only use the credit once onboard so we could miss out on tours we would like to do. Another p&o way to extract more money from passengers. Not happy!
  12. The Sydney memorial usually has volunteer guides when a ship is in port. It makes the visit more interesting with all the background facts the guides tell. The museum is well worth a visit. We walked everywhere but be aware the memorial is on a hill.
  13. Whenever a ship is in port,the shops, especially the duty free will be open, the locals wouldn't want to miss out on all that custom.
  14. We were there 3 weeks ago, and yes, the taxis have organised themselves so there is not the free for all at the port gates. There is still a small crowd touting for business and the buses and taxis are lined up the road to Vila with just a few on the road above the port. It is $5 pp for a bus ride to Vila and the buses have produced a pricing pamphlet for hiring on a half and full day per bus. A 4 hour tour is charged at $250 per bus so the more passengers the cheaper it gets. We negotiated a tour for 4 of us for $200 so they will bargain. There are also water taxis available for $5pp to Vila, makes a pleasant alternative to a bus. The stalls are still on the road to Vila, so nobody allowed inside the port, although there is sometimes an overflow from the entrance.
  15. We have been twice to PNG. There was a Westpac tent for money exchange on the dock the first visit, but last February on a Friday there was none,you would have to go to town.
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