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  1. Pretty much up to you. See if you can find some youtube videos of the type of cruise you'll be on. It should give you an idea of the dress style. For us, we just bring sport coats, ties, & vests & just mix & match. Other nights is smart casual for us: Collared button down shirts & khaki type pants.
  2. Boy, talk about blunt! The CD certainly didn't mince words.
  3. As long as the smell is confined to your cabin, possibly. I'm extremely allergic to any of that stuff(the detergent aisle drives me nuts)I would consult Princess. Why risk causing other Pax possible problems. Actually, after reading some of the replies, it's for keeping the bowl "fresh". I thought you meant the scented twigs/leaves & such. I don't think it would cause issues at all. As for the alternate???? LOL!
  4. We're in the hospitality industry & yes, we tend to over tip as well. You want to have some fun? Go hang out near the service desk & watch the amazing amount of pax lining up. Yes, a few are quibbling about unwanted/mystery charges. A lot however are trying to remove the auto tip. Stand close enough to hear the pax "Beyotching" about the horrid service they encountered. Some are probably upset that whips aren't included in their staterooms!
  5. Do you ALWAYS eat in the buffet? In most cases then the buffet staff would be sharing in the tips. Overall it's a huge pool & it gets spread among nearly all the staff(non mgt. of course) I do believe the bar staff are NOT included in the normal tipping pool, but share in that nice little "charge" you see when you sign the bar slip. I'm pretty sure that's only for bar staff, as not all pax drink.
  6. That would include steward assistants & staff you see cleaning in "common" areas as well as in staterooms. The person vacuuming the hall way is a good example.
  7. No, actually, Potstech is correct . It does say "across the fleet". That means it's done on ALL the Princess ships. It does not mean that a gratuity you pay on the Regal for instance, is partially/wholly shared by any other Princess ship. The line just has the same rule fleet wide.
  8. It does say that, but I agree that it isn't spread fleet wide. Sounds like some corporate baloney to me as well.
  9. Either way, it comes out the same. We do budget the gratuities. Sometimes we'll pay them in advance. We still always pay them extra on the last sea day as well. Love to see the cheapskates who skip that last dinner to avoid doing that. They're often at the guest service desk removing their standard gratuity as well. If you don't believe me, try sitting there on that last night & watch. Some of the pax get quite vocal when asked why they want to remove the auto gratuity.
  10. Late response to an old thread. We'll sign up when on our Hawaiian trip in late Jan. We've done "Le Bourgeoisie" on Oceania's Riviera a few times recently. That was the dinner to measure everyone else's by. If we get to try it, we'll compare the 2. Pricewise it's about the same. You do get very nice wine tastings to go with each course of your dinner on the Riviera, however.
  11. Mickey was an enormous talent for the slickers, but no one could do a glug like Carl Grayson. Unfortunately few could drink like him as well & when Spike tempered the drinking, Carl was one of the first to go.
  12. They still get their gratuity. Usually it's a package deal. In most cases it's really not free! You're paying for it through some kind of package deal.
  13. Good 'ol Jimmy! Forever looking like he was weaned on a pickle!
  14. Thanks, as always! I know I'll miss the food. Oh well.
  15. Usually the food is better. That's NOT saying it's incredible. Usually the top seafood & beef selections occur these nights, but it's still not like it was say 5 years ago.
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