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  1. I’m in the UK. I like this and will be buying along with one of the bigger travel bags. https://miatui.com/collections/across-body-bags/products/isobel-large-molly
  2. At the same time as us? this is for Europe so Barcelona and Palma are the big ports. portfolio and Ajaccio too.
  3. I am very much a novice cruiser but to me the cost of a cruise from Europe is so expensive. Pricing themselves out I reckon. My cruise in June which was paid for early is cheaper now and a balcony is cheaper than our inside cabin. We can’t make any changes in the Uk. I feel for those who have received the news today.
  4. What currency should we tip in please? We are from the UK. Cruise in the Med out of Rome. Should we give Euro or Dollars? Thank you
  5. I think the show is becoming a little tired now. Before she was fun and it was all quite natural. Now it just seems scripted and rehearsed.
  6. Thanks. Camp Nou is a must for an 11 year olds birthday! He can’t wait. We’ve been to Barcelona twice. My husband also has a trip to the MotoGP in Barcelona 2 weeks before the cruise. The stadium and the cathedral are the only things we want to do.
  7. Considering this excursion. If you’ve done it please can you tell me if you get off the bus at Segrada Famillia or if you just drive past? its a short 4 hour trip to the Camp Nou. Thanks.
  8. So sorry folks, forgot the vital information. Port day and docked barcelona. Jewel of the seas.
  9. Roughly, what time would you say you would be walking off the boat?
  10. I’ve booked and cancelled our package three times. Finally set at £31 each plus tips. Started at over £40. No problems cancelling.
  11. Please. Thank you. Should my planner say? I am on Jewel of the Seas from Rome on a 7 night cruise.
  12. Well if we can get the HOHO from point 1 above then we will just get to there and change to the blue route. Thanks everyone.
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