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  1. Basically the Jones Act applies to cargo and the PVSA applies to passengers. Very true, except you should say "the voyage" (which consists of two cruises). I mention this, not because you are wrong (your answer is correct) but rather because people keep looking at each cruise as being separate, and it is is the combination of multiple cruises, ON THE SAME SHIP, that must be looked at. As Chengkp75 correctly points out, neither cruise, nor the combination of the two, falls within the jurisdiction of the PVSA.
  2. You don't need a mouse and you don't need to add text. I don't have an ipad, but I assume you have four arrows (up, down, left, and right). If not, this is just one more reason I don't have an ipad. I use a desktop computer. However, when posting photographs I use the following to add spaces between the photographs: Use the down arrow to get the bottom of your post. If necessary use the right arrow to move to the end of the bottom line in your post. Then use the enter key to create blank lines. I find that one blank line is enough ... Hope this helps.
  3. Just a test to see if I can still post my Smugmug photographs ... Seems to work.
  4. If you are on My Time Dining (which is the flexible dining option) then all of you have to show up at the same time to be seated together. However, if you are on the traditional dining (which is not called my dining time nor My Time Dining) then you need the booking numbers for all four couples and have the travel agent agent call Royal Caribbean and link the four couples for dining.
  5. You do realize that we are talking about Royal Caribbean - the same company that thought it would be okay to dock in Galveston during a hurricane AFTER having a disaster attempting to have a ship sail through a hurricane.
  6. Well, I am really late to this thread, but I wanted to add a comment. I have done both a full transit (LA to Miami in Feb 2008) and a partial transit (Miami to Miami in Dec 2016). Both were on NCL [maiden voyage of the NCL Jade (but not the maiden voyage of the ship) and the NCL Pearl]. So why those two ships? Because both have forward facing balconies (my cabin was on the lower row, third from the port side both times) ... Here is a link to the 200 photos I took on the 2008 full transit ... https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-VnbZQS/i-gRpxXs2 and the 2016 partial transit (about 150 photographs) ... https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-nHf7fs/i-n2dVFNQ If you want to see the larger photographs in SmugMug, just click on the photograph to the right of the thumbnails. Click on the left and right arrows to move through the album. Click on the white "X" in the upper right corner to return to the smaller photographs. The two arrows to the left of the white "X" will take you to full screen. The Esc key will bring you back. You can add comments to the photographs if you want (the comment section is just below the photographs).
  7. I don't believe anyone on this thread referred to a service dog as fluffy.
  8. Hey Bob - how long do we have to wait before we can start a new "Who is Bob" thread?
  9. Okay, wait a minute. I know that DD is dear daughter and DS is dear son, and DH is dear husband, and DW is dear wife. But is fluffy the dog or the cat??? :confused:
  10. Then maybe parents should be banned from cruise ships.
  11. Was the balcony door open? Was the wind blowing toward the ship?
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