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  1. Image 2: What is or who is 'Designed by MPA/HPA/NBA'? (I cannot make out what the wording is). Essentially the question is as Kelly Hoppen is not changing the Suites who is? I assume they will look different to images shown on Celebrity website.
  2. Interesting find, however all it has done for me is throw up some questions that I didnt know needed asking! Sailing after revolution on Silhouette and just assumed all changes were being done by Kelly Hoppen but this says otherwise, so does anyone know what some of the following means? Image 1: 1)For clarification, will there be a Hot Tub for the Suite guests only? 2)What is ADA acess?
  3. Thank you, I came on looking for this and you could not have answered it any better. Had seen some people pull up and have a valet park the car (or so it seemed) which confused me.
  4. So, as the title says, we have just been given some credit for our cruise but as its my wife and I's first cruise we are not certain on where we can spend this. So far we might use the credit for the following in some capacity. Although as we have literally just been given the credit today, its all very fresh as to where to use it and not even certain we can use it in the places we 'might' So far the options for usage of the credit are a combination of the following: (1) Speciality dining (Not sure if we can use the credit to buy a meal package, we assume we could) (2) Bars to top our drinks up, for more specialist drinks. (For example pay the difference for JD) (3) Room service (4) Casino (5) Video arcade (6) Art gallery. (We may pick up some art at an auction, even though fully aware of the bad reputation it carries) (7) ILounge. (This I would be very surprised if it was possible to buy anything using ship credit from here, so this is more a question than anythign else, is it possible?) (8) Shops. (Can ship credit be used in the shops? As in the Michael Kors shop for example, or some Lancome make up) I know the credit would not stretch to all or most of these items, but having never cruised before and not sure how ship credit really works some advice would be warmly recieved. Thanks in advance
  5. As the title suggests, why should we pay extra? We dont mind paying the extra but when exactly are we paying the pre paid gratuities for. There seems to be quite a few posts on CC about tipping with all different figures and methods of paying for service but as I say,has that not been paid for already? I feel slightly bad even asking this and feel really mean as well!
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