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  1. I'm still working on inviting my former neighbor The Respiratory Therapist to join me in January 2022 ( she has been a tad busy ) ..I have a friend who makes customize NR 95 Mask who has volunteered to make up a package of 7 with a Smooth Jazz Cruise theme to give my invitee for her birthday along with an MP 3 Player loaded with all the music from our favorite artists who will be on the cruise fyi, if you need an Alonzo Bodden "fix", he has a regular gig as the bus driver on CBS Hit "Bob (Heart) Abashola " remember a great Father's Day gift for your DH is an " Inspiratory Breathing Exerciser " along with a Candy Dulfer CD so he can practice
  2. another indicator of a future potential charter...if there is a large group (33% - 49% capacity ) on a regular sailing (and there is a Poster that faithfully keeps up with this type of data ) year after year, that group could become a future charter candidate also older & smaller vessels with fewer bells and whistles , with fewer but larger public rooms are great candidates especially for music charters ..the focus is on the music, not the vessel and cheaper for the promoter to charter would not be surprise to see a Post CV 19 1st Responder Full Charter to thank those incredible medical personnel
  3. if it helps PBS has been showing most of the really popular Ken Burns Documentary including Jazz and the American Experience on Woodstock...they also are showing their Pledge Month popular Music Series which is a small substitute for being on the different Music Theme Charters ( Flower Power, Malt Shop Memories, Do Wop, Country , 70's & 80's, Gospel , Soul Train etc) The various versions of the full charter Smooth Jazz Cruises brings together cruisers of all races and backgrounds sharing a week of our common passion the love of the music and closeness to the artists that produce the music after everything that we have been going thru this year, we will really appreciate when we can get together in 2022 hopefully with all having the Vaccine and a greater appreciation of the closeness of the interaction with each other and our favorite artists
  4. add Dave Koz & Rick Braun to the Jazz Cruise list and Brian Culbertson & Earl Klugh Jazz Get-A-Way Weekends to the list ...I suspect in the scramble to find available weeks, for 2022, some charters will be pushed back to 2023 but booked guests will roll with the flow and not cancel Cruising & Jazz together is a very powerful form of Therapy to help get us thru turbulent times
  5. as part of the Charter negotiations with the Cruise lines there is a line item regarding the cost for the cruise lines to rebook guests , which is a nice way to encourage the Promoter to lock in the charter as early as possible (fewer guests to rebook ) ..so the more guests needing rebooking the greater the incentive and the more it cost the promoter Charters are extremely lucrative for Cruise Lines so I suspect we will see an increase in them while the Cruise Industry recovers
  6. what is compounding this situation is that most of the full charters for 2020 (beginning in March ) have been sold out for up to 18 months in advance and are now in the process of being rescheduled for 2021 (which are already sold out ) or 2022 and it thus becomes a rolling calendar shift (i.e. there are several 2020 full charters scheduled in the Fall that have not been cancelled yet, but due to CV 19 probably will shortly ) Cruise Lines are in a "Catch 22" in terms of fleet scheduling because full charters are most lucrative when they occur when there is excess capacity fleet wise which keeps yields higher (less discounting )..of course advance revenue projections are hampered by Cruisers holding back on bookings until there is a clearer picture of a Vaccine stay very flexible in terms of your Cruise plans and at this point don't be overly concern if a Private Charter will impact that ...Promoters who have had success in working with Cruise Lines know their repeat guests will stick with them as long as it is the same time frame every year good luck
  7. during Hurricane Sandy (2012) we were docked in Curacao and the Captain on Carnival Conquest Jazz Charter made the announcement that we would be departing at 4 pm instead of 5 pm ( to beat the storm heading back to Florida ) prior to having the ship cleared by Customs to disembark for shore excursions and shopping at 0800 am...ironically , that moved up the Sail Away Lido Deck concert featuring Will Downing from 4 pm to 3 pm ..all 3400 Jazz Fans were back onboard & accounted for by 230 pm so we actually sailed at 3 pm the storm was so turbulent the schedule concerts that evening were cancelled and guest stayed in our cabins and watch CNN reporting on the damage that Sandy was causing up and down the East Coast and the resulting Flight cancellations out of MIA & FLL airports...we were lucky because the flights westbound were on schedule The lesson learned was that the Promoter scheduled 3 pm Sail Away Lido Deck concerts with the most popular Jazz Artists on days we are in Port ,for future Jazz Charters, so we never have to worry about last minute runners back to the Ship
  8. in 1979 we cruised Carnival's Mardi Gras-Carnivale - Festivale all in the same year and LOVED it ..there were about a dozen of us, who worked together , all young & single without a care in the world my only regret is I lost track of our group and wished i had kept the photos so I could receive past ViFP cruise credits
  9. we adjusted to the changes in airport experiences & travel following 911, , so we will find a way to adjust to the travel & cruise experiences
  10. Go Fishing ..we grew up very poor in remote rural Upstate New York and my parents went thru life never being able to afford or entertain the concept of a vacation so as a family we went fishing
  11. following Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, Carnival moved its brand new Conquest from New Orleans to Houston..our Smooth Jazz charter was cancelled and absorbed into a November regular sailing (becoming a large group on a regular sailing which required the onboard CD staff to do a great amount of adjustment) once the ship's staff and the regular guests found out several of us were from New Orleans and had been displaced they treated us with so much compassion and support (and offered to buy us drinks ) combined with the music and the calmness of the water was therapy to all of us that were still in shell shock
  12. which type of trip travel insurance policy do you have ..might be the better route to go if you have "cancel for any reason " and if the the company is an independent 3rd party (not thru the promoter or cruise company ) ..always read the small print when you made your deposit
  13. yes they did and LOVED it and the formal photo in a Carnival frame probably were placed on a lot of shelves over the fire place when they return home ...for hard working lower & middle class families especially from the heart land in the late 70's & early 80's the ability to go on a cruise vacation was a big deal ..a week of being spoiled and waited on, entertainment every night , different islands , full days at sea , changed the paradigms of what it meant to go on vacation that was perceived as reserved only for the rich lagniappe you might see Kathy Lee or other celebrities you saw on tv on Saturday night on ABC The Love Boat
  14. wwcruiser ....still have not pulled the plug to book 2021 Smooth Jazz Cruise (or Dave Koz Cruise) but advise your DH that my former neighbor who has never been on a Cruise, less alone a Smooth Jazz Cruise (and does not even know if she likes Smooth Jazz) is a Respiratory Therapist on the front lines in my Parish (St John the Baptist ) which is the epicenter of CV 19 that you have been seeing on the national news ( please keep her in your Prayers ) I had a friend who makes mask for RN's to customize a 6 pack for her with Smooth Jazz instrument symbols on the front, along with a mix tape of the artists on the 2021 Smooth Jazz All Star Cruise that you are booked on along with an invitation to join me and will drop it off at her hospital tomorrow along with a card that I will keep her in my Prayers and thanks for being a 1st Responder I don't expect to hear a response from her until after this CV 19 has passed (which I'm thinking will be a while ) but if she accepts please give your DH a Father;s Day Gift of a Spirometer ( 5 color balls model ) which is a deep breathing exercise designed to keep all 5 balls afloat for as long as he can with one deep breath ..he can practice listening to Candy Dulfer's CD playing Pick Up the Pieces that way when we see Candy onboard we can give her a demonstration on how her music has theraputic value and we can write off the cruise as a medical deduction on our taxes ...lol was bored today so I was looking at photos from my past Smooth Jazz Cruises and missed that closeness with the artists and our fellow cruisers many of whom have become life long friends ..looking forward to getting back on the water..I figure that Medical 1st Responders are the new Rock Stars much like Police and Firemen after Katrina and 911 ...if we are lucky, won;t have to buy a drink stay safe, waiting to receive Boney James new CD from Amazon a Smooth Jazz cruise next year
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