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  1. Not sure if this has been answered yet, but apparently it's because there have been numerous mild cases that are not included in the total number of cases. More cases without death brings the percentage down.
  2. What is it like onboard? Are there still shows and trivia and lectures? Is there entertainment in the showroom? Are meals still good? Is it just one sea day after another? How are you coping?
  3. "You've just crossed over into the Twilight Zone." Intro to the The Twilight Zone, 1959-1965, Rod Serling.
  4. @Mary229 If you appear to be ill, your temp will be checked.
  5. The huge difference in the flu and coronavirus is the flu shot. I don't worry about getting the flu because with the shot, I'm either immune or would have a much lighter illness. I would guess most deaths from the flu are people who didn't get the shot.
  6. Hey, @zelker! Good to see you here! We're headed out March 22 for a 2-week Caribbean on the Volendam. The last one spoiled us, though. Probably will be planning a longer cruise for the next one. Enjoy your trip!
  7. In Fort Lauderdale after the cruise and before your flight, you might like the Everglades tour. We did that once, and even though the water was high (just after Hurricane Wilma in 2005) and we only saw one alligator, it was fun to go zipping along through the water. After that excursion, the bus took us and our luggage to the airport. We booked it through the ship when we were onboard.
  8. If you only drink one glass of wine with dinner, just fill your glass in your cabin and bring it with you to dinner. There are wine glasses in your cabin, if you don't have any or need more, just ask the room stewards. Nobody will question you walking around with a wine glass anywhere onboard. The cabin also has an ice bucket. Stewards usually keep it filled with ice if they see you have a wine bottle in it.
  9. Holland America said they have implemented these safety measures: Guests who have traveled from or through mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau, or had contact with a suspected or confirmed case of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) or a person who is under monitoring for coronavirus in the last 14 days prior to sailing will not be permitted to board the ship. Pre-Boarding medical evaluations, including temperature checks, for persons whom, for any reason, appear or identify as symptomatic (respiratory or fever symptoms); and For all guests, our standard pre-boarding health reporting advising of their reporting obligations for any illness or symptoms of an illness. Medical screening for Coronavirus on all guests who visit our onboard Medical Center with symptoms of any respiratory illness. Reporting to local and national health authorities of all cases of fever and respiratory illness, and any patients with suspected Coronavirus infection. Crew members from mainland China will be delayed from joining any ship until further notice. Crew members from other regions of the world who may have been scheduled to connect on flights through China have been rerouted. Additional environmental disinfection onboard will be performed in addition to our regular stringent cleaning and sanitation protocols. Holland America noted that their implemented measures could change at any time based on “the interests of health and safety of our guests and crew as well as any other requirements that may be imposed by local authorities.”
  10. Here's what I found online. https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/holland-america-cruise-line-takes-coronavirus-precautions-ahead-of-ships-san-diego-arrival-and-departure
  11. Just off a 26-day Noordam cruise and sent laundry out about every 4 days. I specifically noticed there was no scent at all on our clean clothes.
  12. I was also on that repo cruise, from Vancouver to Sydney, and absolutely agree with your comments on the Noordam Singers & Dancers! They were the best I've seen on any HAL ship and very entertaining.
  13. No doubt! We miss it too! (Just returned from a Noordam trans-Pacific.) Have met lot's of great people sitting around those big round bars.
  14. Our favorite part of shipboard life! Why no Crow's Nest Happy Hour?
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