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  1. Hello, I have never cruised with NCL and was hoping I could get some help as I have not found any answers just yet. They may seem silly, and they likely are, but they will help me pack . Do cabins have conditioner provided along with the shampoo? I've cruised other lines and know it is hit or miss . I will be in Hawaii for 2 weeks so I rather not pack anything that isn't needed . If possible. How big is this ship? In the pictures it looks huge, but I haven't seen a passenger capacity anywhere. Does this cruise always sell out ? We are sailing in October and we are excited! I've never been to Hawaii and my mom (whom I am traveling with ) was there but it's been 50 years and I believe she was only in Honolulu. One last question. Is the ship friendly to elders who use a cane for walking longer distances? Thank you . I really appreciate any insight you may have for me !
  2. I just thought I would post an update. We really enjoyed our first HAL cruise on the Zuiderdam out of Port Everglades. We did the 11 night Panama Canal I instantly understood the credit card hold once onboard lol thankfully we didn't spend much at all and our onboard credits covered what we spent. The staff members were so friendly and attentive. Overall the other passengers were very nice and friendly. I met so many people who turned out to be basically my neighbors :) I enjoyed the ports of call for the most part, although some seemed to be right in the ghetto and it didn't always feel all that safe especially for us as we explored and walked all over on our own. I see why people buy the excursions although they seemed so expensive. I really wish I would have done so in Columbia. It was not safe to walk into the city and the hassling was out of control. In Costa Rica we did find a local tour that was short but packed with fun and cost pennies. I think we enjoyed it enough to consider sailing with HAL again. I will say it was an upscale experience that really made us feel pampered. More so than any other line we have been on. The only down side was coming back home to the polar vortex (a 110 degree temperature change lol) Thank you again for all your help , guidance, and information.
  3. Thanks everyone, I haven't been thrilled with all the roadblocks with HAL, but if we do decide to go back to HAL, that is an excellent idea on the HAL Barclay visa. Right now I am panicking because we are supposed to be hit with 1 to 2 feet of snow when we will be heading to the airport. This is not good. It could not have picked a worse time! lol but it is still early, so things change. We are flying early Monday and we don't cruise until Wed, but still this could really mess things up. This is exactly why I always give myself a few days cushion.
  4. I was able to complete check in with the credit card and print the boarding passes, now that everything is complete. On the boarding pass it told us the stateroom, so both big worries are put to rest :)
  5. I thought it's stated above, but we leave Wed Jan 16th. We fly down to FL Monday to give us enough time in the case of snow/ice disturbances. It does say guaranteed cabin. I will look again to see if any more info on the stateroom has come in.
  6. Good to know. You guys have been beyond helpful. Could I ask another question that may seem silly too? I was told we wouldn't get our room number until we check in at the pier. While I couldn't complete the docs, it allowed us to print the luggage tags. What do I do for that? Should I leave stateroom # blank, or will we have all our luggage with us at that point? We have previously sailed out of Tampa, Cape Canaveral and Port Liberty .
  7. Understood everyone. I did not mean to say "fee" above. I realize it is a hold, but it just seems extremely high. Thankfully I was able to smooth things over with the hubs and I'll be setting that up after work tonight, so the online check in will be complete. Finally. We noticed we could not print out the docs if the credit card info was left blank. We should be able to print them tomorrow. We fly to FL on Monday, but we set sail on Wed so I wanted to be sure we have everything set before we fly out. I check my statements all the time with an online app and didn't see similar costs in the past, so I was a little upset/confused. I understand better now, so thank you to everyone. We rarely spend much money on the ship. We can go without drinking or extra purchases so the estimate, for us, seemed really high. But I get it now~
  8. Thank you so much everyone for the help. It's an 11 night cruise (Panama Canal) . It is saying $660 per person for the hold. Would it change if it was under the same name (as opposed to me having my maiden name?) . My husband is really upset now with the fee since there isn't enough on one of our credit cards (and may not be for mine. This is a huge hold to me, an awful lot of money) I will go back tonight and put in my credit card info and hopefully link it to both of us. My credit card doesn't have a huge limit so putting both the 660 holds on mine may be an issue. Wonderful. Would they keep the hold on the entire duration of the cruise? I have run into so many issues scheduling this cruise. I was told upfront when booking how high the taxes were but this part is new so I have been really upset and frustrated over it.
  9. Hi, I'm new to HAL, but have cruised other lines. As I was completing the online check it, it stated we need to BOTH provide a credit card and accept a hold of roughly $700 each. Maybe it was my fault, but this totally knocked me off guard. I have never heard of such a thing and was never told about this. We have never encountered this on any other line, despite what everyone says. I would know . Maybe it was the length of the cruise. We are a married couple, but I kept my maiden name . Would a married couple still need 2 separate cards to be charged? There is no other way to do it on my end right now. None of this is making sense to me. We rarely spend much money on board and can't even dream of coming close to this hold amount. We are basically expected to hold 2 mortgage payments, which is not doable. As it stands right now, we may not even be allowed to do this even though the cruise was paid for in full awhile ago. We certainly will not be spending a dime on any day of cruising as a result. We are due to set said in a week. We also have 2 onboard credits . How can that be factored in ? A cash option is completely impossible. What was supposed to be a dream cruise has turned out to be the biggest nightmare imaginable. Already we know we will never sail HAL again and we haven't even boarded. This has been nothing but problem after problem. Any positive help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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