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  1. We have really enjoyed all our cruises on Norwegian....We've sailed on Epic, Gem and 3 times on the Escape.....LOVE THE ESCAPE!!! With that said, I just booked the Joy to do the Mexican Riviera.....to be honest, I've done the Caribbean so many times, that it's time for a change.... Hubby has always enjoyed the Thermal Suites on all the ships we've been on...and I just read that it's not available on the Joy. Now, I'm wondering if this will not "measure up" If you've been on the Joy, can you please give me your opinions......thanks and looking forward to hearing from you all!
  2. Can you still use two certificates when booking a balcony? Thanks!
  3. Don't know about other ships but for Escape and Getaway they were available at Headliners.....
  4. Yes we did....was at the pier by 8:30 and we were numbers 22-25
  5. I just want to rant! Don't get me wrong....I love the VIBE experience....I HATE having to race for it. I just find it very demeaning. I'd like to know why this can't be booked with your cruise.
  6. Been on the beautiful Escape a few times... this will be our first on Getaway. Is there any differences in the Thermal spa between the two? thanks!
  7. We held them when we were there last year....it was close to noon time.
  8. Can I use one after I already put down my deposit?
  9. Just wondering if it can be done without penalty?
  10. Thank you...so we can watch the "runners" if our balcony is on starboard side??:'):') :'):'):'):')
  11. I want to be on the port side when docked....and I know that it just "depends"...can you tell me if your balcony was on port side or starboard when you were on port side when docked?? I know...seems like a silly question but I booked port side on my last cruise and never was there when docked.... Thanks!
  12. Thank you! Do you have to run and get the vibe passes like we did on Escape??
  13. Hi all...is there an "adult only" sunbathing area on the Getaway? We've been on the Escape and Epic and both had an area that you had to pay for....just wondering if they have it on Getaway. Thanks!
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