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  1. I think the free bottle of wine is on elegant night also? I thought that I read that somewhere. Also- on another thread someone stated they brought a 4pack of wine - 187 ml each instead of the 750 ml bottle- does anyone know if this works?
  2. We are looking for a carry on bag with shoulder straps that can hold 2 bottles of wine, six 12 oz Sprite cans, kindles, wallet. Any recommendations?
  3. We just bought 4 tests from Optum for our upcoming cruises Oct 2 and Jan 8. With the 3 month extension it looks like we will not be able to use two for the Jan 8 cruise. Bummer. Original expiration date is 10-5-21.
  4. We just got ours in the mail yesterday and they have an expiration date of 10/5. We ordered from Optum. I will check with them. Thanks for the heads up
  5. We ordered ours late 9/8. It is now in Houston and scheduled for delivery tomorrow
  6. Sorry. I did notice the Navica app on the box. How nice that some places are providing tnem free of charge. We paid 140 plus shipping for 4 tests.
  7. I did the same thing. I just sent them an email for clarification. I ordered two 2 packs.
  8. I just ordered two sets for myself and husband. We cruise Oct 2 and then Jan 13.
  9. EMed is out of stock. Has anyone used Optum to order these tests?
  10. Has anyone used this site for the telehealth test? It is the Abbott test. Emed is out of stock.
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