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  1. Does anyone know if the pier on Harvest Caye has been fixed, or are they still tendering? Thanks!
  2. If she is on a specific diet because of medical issues, I would definitely let Norwegian know ahead of time, and they will be able to work with you. It's hard to guess which entrees have a lot of butter or salt or potassium or ingredients that might pose a problem, depending on the medical issues. "Healthy" will mean different things based on her medical conditions. If it's not a medical diet, are you looking for low calorie, low cholesterol, low salt, low fat, low carb? A lot of the fish is breaded or fried or cooked with butter or rich sauces, which might not work fo
  3. Sorry, I'm a bit confused. Did you mean to quote this post, or the one I made before it? As far as this thread being about making fun of people or "tearing others apart", these are public reviews, not people's private thoughts. They meant for others to see what they wrote, which includes the possibility of the review being quoted, criticized, or otherwise reproduced. Maybe it's not your thing, which I can understand, but I think at least some of us are enjoying it. It gives us something fun to do waiting for our next cruise.
  4. Most of these were hilarious, but this one was just a little scary. It's rare, but awful things like this definitely happen. There was a news story a few weeks ago about 18 people claiming they were briefly taken hostage by people with shotguns while on a Jeep tour in Costa Maya, and the article said they had been on NCL. I have no clue how credible it is, or whether or not they stated it was an NCL excursion.
  5. It seems like it has evolved into that, which isn't anywhere near as fun as just reading complaints for entertainment value. It's like reading bad restaurant reviews or movie reviews and the like. There's some schadenfreude in reading the accounts of honestly awful trips, and some moral superiority felt reading the reviews of people who were clearly going to find SOMETHING wrong, and downright amusement at hyperbole and ridiculous turns of phrase.
  6. We were on the Escape back in March and absolutely adored Choir of Man. All of the cast members were great. After Midnight was a good show and some of the cast were stellar, but there were some weaker performers that detracted from the show a bit. Both were well worth attending and arriving early to get a decent seat. We hated how hard it was to get decent seats on the Escape.
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