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  1. Hello everyone! I’m going on my first MSC cruise, on Bellissima in 14 days! 🥳I wanted to ask a question about my onboard account. I always like to make a cash deposit and every cruise line has a minimum amount that you have to put on per person! I’d love to know what’s the amount per person I have to deposit on MSC? I know that on Costa it’s 150€ pp! Thanks!
  2. They’re also doing something with the funnels... is Oasis gonna get the aesthetically pleasing funnels like Harmony and Symphony?😅 or is she still going to keep those wonky looking smokestacks😂
  3. Reminds me of what Carnival did to some of their ships
  4. Hello, I've seen that lately that Costa Luminosa sometimes docks in Trieste instead of Venice. Im booked on her for Oct 12th from Venice. I would like to know if Costa notifies you in advance that this is happening and also are they offering shuttle buses from Venice to Trieste and from where. I wanna be ready just in case! Any information would be great thanks.
  5. Didn’t know that they start painting the hull so early on!
  6. Here we can finally see the finished exterior look fot the observation lounge. I think that it would’ve been a great idea if they’ve kept the railing and still made use of the balcony space as like observation lounge balcony. Like in the picture below!
  7. It is already 60% complete with passport/id information and emergency contact filled out, I didnt fill that out haha
  8. Hello everyone, I am a first time cruiser and I will be sailing i just over 20 days! I booked my cruise trough my local travel agency. I just recently got my booking number from Costa and I have the option to do a web check in. It says on the my costa website that web check in is needed to reicive my cruise ticket, boarding form and baggage tags but in the travel agency I booked my cruise in they said that I dont need to do a web check in and that they send you all boarding documents a couple of days before the cruise. So I dont really understand should I do a web check in or no? Can someone explain the process to me? Thanks!
  9. Thank you very much for your help & informations! We are staying in the city for a couple of days after the cruise so I’m not worried about long queues and late departure!
  10. I have a question about cash deposits. Im going on my first costa cruise in March and Im not planning on spending alot of money onboard. What is the minimum ammount of money I have to put as a cash deposit at the beggining of the cruise. and also if I dont spend all the money I deposited, when do I get it back?
  11. Hello, I would like to know how does the boarding process works on Costa and on cruises in general since this will be my first cruise! I’ve been reading about it but would appriciate any info you can give me! What is the procedure that happens in the terminal. And regarding the cruise card/ ID on the ship, I’ve been reading that it awaits for you in the cabin and that you have to activate it. As you see, any help and info will be great. Thanks!
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