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  1. having sailed from Bayonne several times, I agree with what others have said. It is best to arrive between 10 and 10;30 am. The prior cruise mobs will be gone and the departing mobs will arrive a bit later. It just seems to be the best time. The last time I did this was in April for a Bermuda cruise on Anthem and it couldn't have worked out better! Have a great time!
  2. I was just on Anthem in May and had muster station D4 at jamie's. Our cabins were 263 and 265 on Deck 12. This seems to fall in line with what others have posted.
  3. Wow, BermudaBound, that was a GREAT deal! I'll have to look into that for the future. I do love me a balcony, but when paying solo rates I rarely find it affordable. Now you have given me hope for the future!
  4. True indeed, Biker and Laura. I just sailed solo on Anthem myself in a regular inside for a reasonable price, including the single supplement. But I also booked within 90 days of sailing and got a great fare. Of course, we all know that things change drastically by the law of supply and demand as Biker has shown. In my previous post I was trying to illustrate for the OP how the Idea or theory of the studio was that it would be cheaper by using the example fare that had been shown. We each have different ways of trying to maximize the reach of our dollars. For me, it is usually booking later, so those solo cabins have not been a good deal for me. But I can see how they may be the perfect solution for someone who books earlier or is more particular or is not as $$ conscious as I am.
  5. But the advantage of the studio is that it is a cabin for one person, who pays only one fare. (in the example shown above $2051). If a single person were to book a non-studio cabin, he/she would have to pay the single supplement, which in many if not most cases is another entire fare. So the cost of that cabin, occupied by one passenger, would be $2051 + $2051 for a total of $4102. Hence the advantage of the solo or studio cabin.
  6. You might want to check out the Marriott Courtyard and the Hilton Garden Inn, both in Edison, NJ. They are right off Rt 440 and an easy drive across the Outerbridge to Staten Island and then on to the cruiseport. If you are willing to drive to the port it is very easy to get there and parking is easy also. I am quite sure these hotels are more reasonable than the the prices around $275 you have gotten.
  7. Hope this creep and his dog are off the ship before my 4/27 cruise!
  8. I just had the same problem as Broadwaycam. The website shows 0 booked cruises when I am booked and fully paid for 4/27 on the Anthem. Something must be up with their computers again. Just please don't lose my cruise, guys....
  9. Yay! Thank you for posting!! I booked all 3 shows for our 4/27 cruise!
  10. On a personal note, I have to say, I agree. They are used in my office as well & frequently are aggravating if not downright offensive. What makes people think we all want to smell this in shared spaces? They belong in private areas only (like the OP’s cabin). Sorry for the rant, but my allergies are easily set off. As for your plug, I also suspect it may land you in the naughty room if you get someone smart who understands what it is & how it works. But you may just as likely not get that person, and be fine. Good luck.
  11. Many of us on the 4/27 sailing are having the same problem. Sigh.
  12. Im booked in one of these rooms in April. Can't wait to go! I'm looking forward to the larger shower and the virtual balcony.
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