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  1. Congratulations to all of you ❤️ Life is going to be richer, fuller and filled with so much joy. Please give your children my very best wishes for a healthy, happy precious gift.
  2. He is such a handsome dog. You must have so much fun with him. I love your front yard. It's so perfect and looks like it's going to be so easy to maintain. Have fun!
  3. Congratulations! I love spending time with loved one's onboard a cruise ship!
  4. The feeling that there was an "aisle" next to us is my point. There was an aisle or actually a walkway, with the feeling of people coming and going constantly. It should never feel that way. The room should flow easily and special. Also, there should not be a feeling of being in a "handicapped" area. It should all feel lovely and like a "celebration!" There was ALWAYS chairs in the walkway that had to be moved every time we went to our table or when we left. It felt like a freeway at rush hour! Very poorly laid out. I still enjoyed my evenings with you, John, Horty and "O".
  5. Now, that's what I'm talking about......See how everyone feels like their dining experience is like a large wedding party. That's how you should feel.....not like your divided into smaller rooms and hallways. Part of the dining experience is feeling like you're part of a large party. If I want a private experience I'll eat in my cabin!!!!
  6. Actually the first leg of the cruise with you and John was one of my very favorite cruises. You guys made every experience a fun one and I looked forward to seeing you every day. I would love to cruise with you again. I wish we lived closer so we could. The second leg was exhausting trying to find a comfortable dinner arrangement for my Granddaughter and me. I ran into the Dining Room Manager a few times and he seemed like he wanted to have a conversation with me about why I had not returned to the dining room but I kept avoiding him! Sometimes it's just easier to "let it go!" I really disliked the potty box set-up, the mumble/jumble make up of the dining room [lack of space for wheel chairs] and walkers, the miserable seating for handicapped in the theater and the Back to Back portion [after you had left the ship] was the worst B/B I had ever experienced, on board any cruise line. It honestly, took the wind out of my sails! I honestly loved every minute with you......Even our dining room [which was more like a hallway] didn't matter because I loved eating with you, and our servers did the best they could under the cramped quarters we were in. Poor Horty kept trying to stretch his legs while laying down and it seemed I was constantly pulling a leg, a head or a tail in from getting stepped on! It really didn't get any better after you had left and the table we were offered for dining was ridiculous and so cramped in a small room off the hallway we were in! The Royal lacks a truly memorable dining experience by breaking up the Traditional Dining Room into small adjoining rooms and hallways adjacent to the main dining room. It just feels badly disjointed and uncomfortable. I look forward to hopefully cruising with you, John and Oleander again, one day!!!!!! ❤️
  7. Most of us are responsible and caring and would never leave a used pee pad anywhere without disposing of it properly. I totally understand why the cruise lines have to have strict guidelines about what to do and what not to do just for the folks who would be careless and less concerned about the environment and other people who share it with us.
  8. FYI: Princess cruise lines does not allow the use of pee pads. It is mentioned in their paperwork that you're asked to sign and return to them. If your Steward saw the pads he would report it to his Housekeeping supervisor and you would be reminded that you were asked NOT to use them. I don't know how other cruise lines feel about the pads but I do know how Princess feels.
  9. I realize that we may be talking about two different cruise lines. I'm speaking of the Royal Princess and I believe that you may be referring to a ship on board Royal Cruise Lines [not Princess.] I have never cruised on Royal Cruises and, I have no idea where their stairwell's are located. My cruise on the Royal Princess was definitely NOT one of my favorite cruises and other than the buffet being my favorite buffet on any cruise line, the Royal Princess is NOT one of my favorite Princess ships. If I only cruised for the "buffet experience", I'd be taking only the Royal Princess. It was amazing!
  10. You will have a wonderful time. Get your camera ready for the most amazing rainbow views. Rainbows love Hawaii!
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