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  1. Nancy, some people are so thoughtless and selfish. I hope that they are made to pay some sort of fine/or are made to work hours in helping to serve or assist our exhausted and hard working fire fighters.
  2. Chris, I'm so glad that your friend, in Oregon, did not lose her training studio. It's truly a nightmare for so many. Where I live the national forests are on fire and the smoke is blanketing our area and changing our beautiful blue skies to brown. We're looking for a change in the weather where a cool, windy condition will come in and blow all the acrid smoke off to the deserts. My thoughts go to the displaced wildlife population of deer, rabbits, squirrels, bears, snakes, etc. I wish I could rescue them all and feed and house them. It breaks my heart to think of how afraid they must be!
  3. Boy, what I wouldn't give to see a beautiful blue sky again. The air and sky are gray/brown and have a smell to match! My daughter lives in the mountains of Eugene, Oregon and although she has not been told to evacuate she and her family have to remain indoors because the ash flying around makes them choke when outdoors. The challenges of this year, 2020, are reaching far beyond what anyone should have to face. I hope and pray that we all get through this, come out the other side and can once again write about our wonderful days upon the sea!
  4. Happy Weekend to Everyone!!!!!! Is it just me or are the Friday's coming faster and faster?????
  5. Busy, is a good word for keeping up with life these days. 😲 I'm so glad to hear that Jezzy Lou is recuperating well. I hope she continues to do well and starts being herself very soon. The fires are affecting all of us and I hope that no one has suffered too much damage and we all can get through this orange colored sky and ashes. Just when I thought a pandemic would be enough to survive in 2020 something else comes up and creates hell on earth!!!!! Stay safe and well everyone! 🌺
  6. I hope that all pups and people are doing well. Horton is doing remarkably well on his partial people food and senior Eukanuba kibble, with the addition of senior multi vitamins twice daily, with a sprinkle of pro-biotics. He sleeps longer and prefers to lay near me more, but he's enjoying each day with a sparkle in his eyes and I love every minute of his company! It's been a very difficult year for so many of us. Please take care of you and keep good thoughts of better days ahead in your sights. 🌺
  7. Nancy, I totally understand your feelings. Horton and I are sending our love and BIG VIRTUAL HUGS to both you and our little Jezzy Lou. 🌺 We pray that she will have good health and total healing on both her ends!!!!! ❣️
  8. You know Barb, It's an interesting time in that this social distancing thing is working really well for folks who were always uncomfortable about touching and being touched by others. I'm a "touchy-feely" person and am slowly becoming a "self-soother!" Our world has been turned upside down and to see the difference that this virus is causing in so much of our society is a bit scary, to say the least!
  9. Nancy, Horty and I send our very best healing and cyber hugs to you and to our little Jezzy Lou. I do believe that I get as stressed out and worried about my Horty as I do about my children. Dear Jezzy, Please be well and get through this with just a distant memory Big, pawlight licks and doggy love, Horton Jeffrey 💙
  10. Linda, OMG! I'm so, so sorry to hear of your terrible accident. You have so much healing to do. Your healing process is going to be long and hard, please take care of you and keep a positive attitude. I hope your not in too much pain and can get to the other side with your strong will and good heart. I'm sending you a virtual hug from both Horton and me.
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