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  1. Thank you. I don't know what to feed him. The doctor said to try anything and everything and don't worry about whether it's good for him [except the obvious no-no's like onions, chocolate, etc., etc.] So, off I go to the grocery store to become creative in what will entice Horty to eat.
  2. Chris, I am lucky to have Horton Jeffrey in my life. My heart is broken for him that he is not feeling well. He certainly deserves the very best of the world. Horton came into my life when my dear husband fell ill and suddenly passed away. Then 10 months later witnessed Brenda succumb to congestive heart failure.......he stood by me, strong, still, and so lovely in the way that he never left my side, being a constant in my life when I needed him the most. How do you not love a being that has been so steadfast and true?
  3. Linda, thank you for your good wishes. Remember, you are not alone, we are all feeling insecure right now. These are truly troubling times, it all leaves the heartiest of us fearful and scared. It was always such a great feeling that we could jump into our car and drive down to the beach, mountains or even take a long drive and get away from any nonsense going on in our community. Now, nonsense is everywhere, there is no place to run to. Wouldn't it feel good to lay down, take a nap and wake up in a better, more solid and thoughtful world! Take care of you!
  4. Thank you. I love this dog with my very soul. He's such a wonderful partner and such a great spirit. I promised him that I would do my best to help him. For dinner I offered him an egg, he licked at it and then walked away. I then offered him some pasta, and not until I put some weird dressing on it did he start to scarf it all up. Maybe a 1/4 of a cup full. Better than nothing! The doctor said to try anything I could to entice him to eat and it worked.
  5. Wishing all of you a peaceful, healthy weekend. What a week!!!! You just can't help but watch the news and, in the beginning of the marches, when they were turning into riots and destruction, it was so difficult to witness. I pray for all of us to be kinder and more united. When you become my age there's so much that you see, some things that I would like to forget but it's ingrained into our very souls. I hope you are all staying safe and are finding a comfort zone within all of it. UPDATE: Horton saw the Vet yesterday. He drew blood to do a specific test for Cushings Disease. A very common syndrome in the older dog. Unfortunately, it does come with a set of symptoms indicative only to this disease and requires a huge change in his diet and much needed medications. It will allow Horton to live 2 to 3 more years with limited physical wellness and medications that MUST be taken for the rest of his life. He shouldn't be in pain but his activities will be greatly limited. If it is not Cushings than the doctor feels fairly certain that Horton will have a 50/50 chance of having some type of cancer involving one or more of his internal organs. I am not willing to do any more extensive testing or exploratory surgeries on Horton. The doctor advised me that he could take Horton to the hospital and begin the above but I just can't put my amazing boy through anymore. I will have the results of this blood test in about a week. I'll let you know what the results are. Thanks so much for listening.
  6. Thank you Nancy. I'm so sorry that you're having difficult nights. Nancy, you have to trust your decisions and not beat yourself up. Surviving in today's society is a full time job and is absolutely exhausting! You don't need to add any more strife to your mental health. You MUST survive and take care of you and your family. Without YOU, no one does well! I wish you easier days ahead with restful nights. Horty is being kept as comfortable as he can be.......what's happening to his body is part of the aging process in some Labs [so the doctor tells me.] I don't like seeing these aggressive changes in his quality of life, but he appears to not be in pain, is drinking and eating some, so I shall take it one day at a time! Although, like you, I find myself losing sleep and worrying about everything way too much! I can't help it! It's who we are. Stay the caring and loving lady that you are, through all of it, please! And, please take care of you. ❣️
  7. Miki, thank you so much for your prayers and good thoughts. Horton is the same. He has clear moments of being his loving self and will come over to me to be patted and loved on and then will go back to one of his many beds throughout our home. He's drinking water, with encouragement, and eating very little [today it was peanut butter [so I could get his antibiotics down] on a rice cake]. He did go potty and then he went back to laying down. I'm keeping a very close eye on him and limiting myself to very short walks. Our weather is getting very warm today and I will keep him cool and rested.
  8. Thank you so much Barb. He's still with me and although he's not himself, he's not in pain and will eat some things but not much. As long as he drinks and goes potty I will watch him carefully and pray for the best. Horton is officially retired and will be kept calm, pain-free and well-rested.
  9. Linda, thank you so much for your lovely healing and peaceful thoughts. I so need them. Horton seems to be comfortable albeit not himself. He is drinking and will go potty. But, he will not eat. When he does, he throws up. I'm watching him very carefully for any discomfort. He's sleeping but obviously does not feel well. His heart and lungs stay strong and clear, his teeth are in good shape and his mouth and throat look good [someone suggested that maybe he has a tooth issue], I made the Vet check him carefully. I'm here for him and I pray he's able to stay with me as long as he's not in pain. I call the Vet tomorrow for an after weekend update and we'll see what he recommends going forward.
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time, in light of all the insanity that is going on in our world, to send me and my darling Horton hugs and prayers.
  11. Love you right back! Horton seems comfortable. I hand fed him some turkey, rice cake and some watermelon and he ate it and did not throw it back up. He drank water, went potty and now he's resting again. I will take every restful, peaceful, painless moment I can get with Horty. I will not let him leave me if I can help it. It is my pleasure to give him the best life I can. The hardest thing to do is get his meds down without him spitting them back at me!!!! I am not so good for forcing them down his throat as I was shown by the Vet.
  12. Thank you! He's laying in the living room with me. He's about the same as yesterday. I'm hand feeding him [as the Vet said, give him whatever he'll eat and stays down.] He's eating some turkey balls on rice cake and watermelon for dessert [certainly not his usual diet.] He's interested in it and that's a plus! He's holding it down along with med's that are not so easy to get down. He's with me, he doesn't appear to be in pain and I'll take all the time I can get. Isn't it strange how the timing on all of this is? Today we were supposed to be leaving for 14 days onboard the Golden Princess to Alaska. This cruise would have to be cancelled for sure!
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